Islam: Islamic Federation of Campania and Avis together at the Naples mosque

June 5, 2013


The Islamic federation of Campania in collaboration with Avis, on June 4, will collaborate for a blood donation day near the headquarters of the Cultural Association Zayd Ibn Thabit in Naples, in via Corradino. This initiative, in conjunction with Charter of Values of the Italian Islamic Confederation are meant to pursue harmony between the Muslim community and all members of the Italian society.


Another Muslim federation requests admission into the Spanish Islamic Comission, or CIE

The Spanish Muslim Federation, or FME, has requested admission into the Spanish Islamic Commission, or CIE, the organization that represents Muslim communities throughout Spain.

The CIE was created in 1992 when the two oldest Muslim federations in Spain, the UCIDE and FEERI, signed an agreement of cooperation with the Spanish government.

The FME is an Islamic federation primarily composed of coverts and was created in 2006 as a result of a FEERI breakup.

Federation of Murcia to instruct imams on correct version of Islam

The Islamic Federation wants everyone who receives instruction on preaching to better understand the contest in which he lives, and to correct possible misinterpretations of Islam. This is the objective set out from the Islamic Federation of the Murcia region, which comprises around twenty of the thirty officially registered mosques in the autonomous region. The intent of the federation is the ensure that those who speak in the mosque do so with a correct understanding of Islam and climate of integration that is needs for the community’s Muslims. To achieve this, courses for imams are being offered in the region. The federation’s secretary Abderrahim Nahid said that it’s important to understand that there are concepts that other countries can find normal, but it can not be used here because they can e misread. Nahid also emphasizes the necessity of understanding trans-national and cross-cultural context and awareness of religious practice.