A Mosque in the Darsena neighborhood? Local Official Says Yes

January 8, 2014


GENOA, The Mayor of Genoa, Marco Doria said “yes” to the construction of the Mosque in the neighborhood of Darsena in Genoa.

The mayor explained in a letter to the president of European Muslims.

The letter came after the League of European Muslims had expressed its readiness to buy a building in Darsena, to make it a great European center of Islamic culture and a space dedicated to prayer.

The Mayor’s commitment is crucial because the Islamic Development Bank could begin financing the project with the cost of 12 million Euros.

The letter explained that the mayor and the “municipal authorities have no objection to the fact that this important initiative will be brought to the attention of the Islamic Development Bank in Saudi Arabia.”


Liguria Notizia: http://www.ligurianotizie.it/costruzione-moschea-darsena-doria-dice-si/2014/01/11/112997/

Islamic Centre in Rotterdam Financed by Saudi Arabia

17 August 2013


A new Islamic centre is to be built in Rotterdam, thanks to a gift of 650,000 euros from the Islamic Development Bank in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. According to Karnis Gacha, director of the Netherlands Sociocultural Centre Foundation, the Islamic centre will offer space for 4,000 people, and will include a library. 500,000 euros of the Saudi contribution is to go towards purchase of the 2,500 metre site.