Conference in Cuneo Discusses Christianity, Islam and the Secular State

9 February 2013

Cuneo, in the region of Piedmont, held an “Islam, Christianity, and Constitution: Christians, Muslims and the Secular State” conference at the Association of Saint Thomas. The meeting was organized by the Association of Paths of Peace, The Mambre Community, Santos-Milani Training Center, School of Peace in Boves an the Islamic Community Association of Cuneo.

The meeting comes as a result of the 11th anniversary of Ecumenical day of dialog between Islam and Christianity, the day is celebrated on the 27 of October.

The meeting based on Ecumenical day themes will focus on the following: the Italian constitution this year marks its 65 anniversary and its basic principles. Second, the conference will focus on Islam in Italy especially the struggles of becoming “Italian Islam” despite 40 years of Muslims living in Italy. Third, Italian issues with the construction of Mosques best exemplified by the 2010 Genoa case.

The Islamic Community will open a Mosque in Zona Norte, Alicante

28 July 12
After a long administrative process the Islamic Community of Alicante has obtained from the Town Planning Management a license to reform a building into a mosque on Pino Santo Street, in the neighborhood of Virgen del Remedio.
The training, administrative and prayer center had caused the rejection of the neighbors, but ultimately the City Council authorized its construction because the project meets the municipal and technical requirements.
Planning Reports specifies that the capacity of this religious and cultural center will be of 581 people, while recalling that prior to the granting of the license it shall submit it to an acoustic audit.

The Islamic Community of Calahorra opens its new Mosque

23 June 2012

The opening day of the new Mosque of Calahorra with capacity for 400 believers was chaired by the President of the Union of Islamic Communities in Spain, Riay Tatary, accompanied by the delegate to the region of La Rioja, Tarik Azouau Tajja. Azouau expressed that “more than a Mosque, we can speak of an Islamic center, because besides being a place of worship, it also seeks to educate children about the Islamic faith and behavior, and also will also participate in the guidance of the community members”.

Beniaján opens a mosque open to all people

06 May 2012

Two hundred people attended last night the launch of a communitarian center, which aims to serve those in need regardless of their religion.
The population of Beniaján, Murcia has since yesterday a mosque to receive the more than 600 Muslims estimated to be living in the area, including nearby towns such as El Bojal, San Jose de La Vega, San Jose de la Montana and Los Ramos, among other. But it also aims “to meet local people in need, regardless of their religion,” explains Ghouti Beghdadi Hamhami, president of the Islamic Community Alfirdaus, who is driving the project.
The Muslim community in the area wants to “be part of society with full integration into the village,” according to the remarks of Beghdadi Hamhami, who hopes the mosque will serve as “a space to share with neighbors in an atmosphere of cordiality and transparency demonstrating that we are not radicals or terrorists, just peaceful people, like the others. “

Spanish Islamic Community examines “The Role of women in the integration of family in society.”

30 April 2012


On Sunday, April 22 of 2012, in Montmelo, the Islamic Community with the collaboration of the Union of Islamic Communities of Catalonia organized a conference for female members of the community under the title “The Role of women in the integration of family in society. ”
At the end of the conference it was clear for all participants the degree of concern that women have over the education of children, communication with neighbors and direct involvement in civic participation.

Muslim Teacher’s Application for Civil Service Rejected


A 30-year-old Muslim secondary school teacher, who had completed his teacher training in August 2009 and subsequently applied for a position as a teacher (and, thus, civil servant), was denied the position as a teacher, as he is under suspicion of having links to Islamist organisations. According to the Bavarian office for the protection of the constitution, the young man has expressed his support for the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic Community in Germany (IGD), which is openly directed against the free democratic basic order. As he did not distance himself from this ideology, the school authority in Munich does not consider him to be a suitable candidate for a teaching position.

Representatives of the Islamic Community Create the First Basque Islamic Council

December 9th, 2010

Representatives of the Islamic communities of Álava, Vizcaya y Guipúzcoa – mostly Moroccans and Algerians, but also of Senegalese origin – gathered in Vitoria, summoned by Spanish converts to Islam, to establish The Basque Muslim Council, and advisory organization created with the aim of becoming the main interlocutor for the Muslim population in the Basque region. Vitoria alone is home to more than 5.000 people that profess the Islamic faith. To date, Muslims organize around their mosques and cultural associations, so that institutional relations are limited to the municipalities, or provincial administration. The Muslim Council intends to be a body of communication and coordination between the different Muslim communities settled in the País Vasco, and of representation respect to the Basque government.

America’s Sharia Hysteria

. . .When [Nevada?s Republican Senatorial candidate Sharron] Angle
suggested last week that certain American cities like Dearborn, Michigan
and Frankford, Texas, have been taken over by a “militant terrorist
situation” wherein Muslims have instituted Sharia law upon its
residents, many people were left scratching their heads at what she
could possibly have meant.

It’s not just that Dearborn is – last anyone checked – still under the
purview of the United States Constitution, or that there is no place in
America called Frankford, Texas (I?m not kidding, look it up). It?s the
rather bizarre notion that there may be a city in this country where the
Constitution does not apply. “It seems to me there is something
fundamentally wrong with allowing a foreign system of law to even take
hold in any municipality or government situation in our United States,”
Angle said about the real Dearborn and the imaginary Frankford.

Angle is right. There is something fundamentally wrong with this
idea?it?s not true. There is no city or municipality in this country
where Islamic law has taken hold. And yet, Angle is not the only one
sounding the alarm over an imminent Muslim takeover of America. Indeed,
now that the screeching over the building of the Islamic Community
Center in Lower Manhattan seems to have died down, a new battle cry is
arising from the radical anti-Muslim fringe: American Muslims, they say,
are trying to replace the Constitution with Sharia!

Montreal Muslim Community Rallies Following Terror Charges

News Agencies –August 28, 2010
The Islamic Community Centre of Brossard, Quebec is a modest presence on a working class street, opposite a tire shop. Members are responding to the recent anti-terror arrests in Ottawa. Two of the three men charged in an alleged Ottawa-based terror plot worshipped here.
Both Misbahuddin Ahmed, 26, an Ottawa resident, and Dr. Khurram Syed Sher, 28, who had recently moved to London, Ont., were “devout” Muslims who attended the Brossard mosque and were active in its activities. Faisal Shahabuddin, a member of the mosque’s board of directors, emphasized that neither ultraconservative nor extremist ideas were promulgated at the mosque. Nor had he ever heard anyone at the mosque espouse personal views on armed struggle, he said. Like hundreds of young Muslim men in these parts, they were both active in the local Muslim ball hockey league and tournament.