In Spain, “The radical ideas are being transmitted in the virtual world.”

Riay Tatary, president of the Union of Islamic Communities (UCIDE) of Spain defended yesterday that Islam “is peace and therefore can not be used as a synonym for violence or terrorism.”

He also insisted that the Muslim Spanish community is well integrated and that “ radical ideas are being transmitted over the Internet, in the virtual world. It occurs in homes, in closed rooms. “ He also pointed out that the youth receives a weak islamic educaction through the web and this creates a need among the community to strenghten universal values such as such as coexistence, tolerance, justice, equality, freedom.

New Islamic Center of Alicante will seat 600 people

The Alicante City Council signed yesterday a license to allow the construction of an Islamic Center.
The Islamic Center of Alicante will seat approximately 600 people. The center consists of three floors and a total area of ​​about 950 square meters, the first plant will have a surface of 650 square meters, a women’s section, a library, and offices. The second floor is devoted to the development of different cultural and social activities.

The Islamic community in Alicante, founded in 1991, is a founding member of the Union of Islamic Communities in Spain.

More than 17 million Muslims reside in Spain

February 5, 2014


A total of 1,732,191 Muslims were residing in Spain on December 31, 2013.

60,562 Muslims more than in 2012, according to the ‘demographic study of the Muslim population.’ The statistical analysis of Muslim citizens in Spain was prepared by the Union of Islamic Communities in Spain (UCIDE) and the Andalusian Observatory. The report also reveals that nearly 9 out of 10 new Muslims living in Spain are Spanish (children of immigrants and/or nationalized Spanish citizens)and that 1,4% refer to Spanish born citizens converted to Islam.



Union of Islamic Communities in Spain (UCIDE) note

December 12, 2013


We, the Union of Islamic Communities in Spain (UCIDE) view with concern the alarming news about the replacing of Muslim staff and of other religious convictions in certain areas of the Army, based on of religious prejudice and discrimination.



Muslims Respond to the Pope’s Letter for Best Wishes during the end of Ramadan

August 8, 2013


With “extraordinary pleasure” Muslims of Italy accepted the goodwill message sent by Pope Francis which acknowledged the end of Ramadan and in particular, best wishes for the feast of Eid al-Fitr. The Union of Islamic Communities and Organizations in Italy (Ucoii) wrote today in a letter to the Pope; the organization wanted to emphasize the “kindness” of Pope Francis: an attitude which, along with education and respect must “become part of our daily practice, often a smile is worth a thousand words.”  Ucoii expands by saying “we are strengthened by the purification period which has just ended and we want to express to his Holiness our gratitude for the message which he personally sent.”

Radio Mollet interviews the President of the Union of Islamic Communities of Catalonia (UCIDCAT)

25 July 2013

On Wednesday, the 24th of July 2013, the President of the Union of Islamic Communities of Catalonia (UCIDCAT), El Ghaidouni[1] gave an interview on the Radio Mollet news. El Ghaidouni discussed the situation of the Al Huda Mollet del Vallés community that has been doing the prayers of the month of Ramadan in the town square as a response to the closing of its headquarters by the City Hall. The UCIDCAT President stated also that, on one hand the city must find a solution to this problem and on the other, the members of the community should assume that any proposed solution must respect the urban plan of the city. El Ghaidouni said that UCIDCAT rejected the the location of places of worship in industrial areas, because religious practice does not produce waste or chemicals.
The UCIDCAT President concluded the interview by saying “we are expecting a serious commitment from the City to resolve this conflict, and any solution should come in the next day or week.”




The Muslim Brotherhood a silent presence in Spain

28 July 2013


Riay Tatary, the President of the UCIDE (Union of Islamic Communities of Spain), was interviewed by the newspaper El Confidential about the possible connection between him, the UCIDE and the Musilim Brotherhood.

“UCIDE is distant from any movement: our principle is a positive independence. If any of our members is connected to it, it is on his own. We maintain a dialogue with other religions, ideologies and other sensibilities within Islam. We work with everyone, but without imposing “, he argues.

Do you belong to the Muslim Brotherhood? “No. I have good relationships with everyone, while there is nothing that affects our organization. I have been associated with them, yet I have the courage to say if I like or not. “My greatest concern is the entire Muslim community and that is the project that I defend. Islam is far greater than all the movements, which are nothing more than tools. In Spain I think we need to have another vision. And Tatary recalls that the word Islam means precisely peace: “The Muslim Brotherhood should have a very clear stance against violence, and not miss an opportunity to say it. “

Extremadura TV Channel broadcasts a report about Ramadan

15 July 2013


Canal Extremadura TV has broadcasted a report on fast of the month of Ramadan in the news of Sunday, July 14. The report addressed the Muslim’s everyday day routine during the Ramadan period. The reporters also interviewed the imam of Badajoz and President of the Union of Islamic Communities of Extremadura, Adel Najjar who highlighted the social side of Ramadan:

“If a person is able to stop eating and drinking for 17 hours a day and with the heat that is going on, he/she would be able to face any problem in this life; self-control is what teach us Ramadan.” Said Adel Najjar.

Muslims ask their employers to be flexible with the working schedule of Muslim workers during Ramadan

8 July 2013
Speaking to Europa Press, the President of the Islamic Communities of Spain, Riay Tatary has asked the employers to “take care” of the Muslims workers during the Ramadan period. Tatary also thanks the Spanish people for their interest in the celebration of Ramadan and invites them to go to the mosques and share the events with their Muslim neighbors. Therefore they can get to know their traditions, lifestyle and discover that they are good citizens. Such gesture would be considered as a sign of integration, according to Tatary.

The number of Muslims in Canarias doubles since the last census

07 July 2013

The number of Muslims in the Canary Islands has doubled in the last five years. If in 2008 there were 30,000 people in the archipelago that professed the religion of Islam, in 2013 the figure has risen up to 66,969 Muslims, representing an increase of  55,2%.

But this boom is striking in itself, since more than half of the Muslims in the Islands are converted Islanders; specifically, 35,870 converted Muslims. Plus, they also have one of the highest number of Islamic classes and of Muslims students (7.450 in total, being 5.497 Spanish Muslims and 2.043 foreign Muslims).


According to the last population census[1] of the Union of Islamic Communities in Spain (UCIDE), after the Spanish converted Muslims, there are 18,746 Moroccan Muslims, accounting for 28%. Far ahead from the Spanish and Moroccan Muslims are the 3,225 Senegalese Muslims. The census also reports the existence of already nearly 30 mosques in the Canarian Islands.

[1] Census published on February 2013