The Islamic Catalan Council will participate in the Summer University for Women

The first Summer University for Women will be open this year to receive all women who wish to learn more about gender equal opportunities and to exchange ideas and opinions on the subject. The initiative is a responsibility of the Barcelona University and the Ayuntamiento de Cornell_. The Islamic Catalan Council will participate in a course entitled The voice of the women in different religions, with a session dedicated to the Sufi spirituality.

Islam and Catalan

The presence of new Catalans that express religious and cultural distinctive sensitivities are a challenge to the Catalan society. A recent symposium about Islam and Catalonia organized by the Islamic Catalan Council, debated the sentiment and the ideology behind the two parts. In Catalonia there are more than 200,000 immigrants coming from a Muslim background. Nevertheless, one must pay attention to the particular features of the Catalan society, namely its sense of autonomy and being a part of the globalized world. As such, the debate praised the need to build a society that is open to receive this cultural and social change.