Denmark: Three Muslims attacked after embassy bombing in Pakistan

Former spokesperson of the Islamic Faith Society (ISF) Kasem Said Ahmed was attacked on his way to work, shortly after the attack on the Danish embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan was announced in the Danish media. The attack occurred in Copenhagen, and Ahmed said he was punched in the face after being asked if he was an imam. Two women also were reportedly threatened by three men next to the IFS mosque in Copenhagen. ISF also said they had received hate e-mail from angry Danes following news of the embassy attack.

Kurdish journalists on death row honored in Siena

Two Kurdish journalists who have condemned in Iran, have been awarded a prestigious Italian prize for freedom of the press. Adnan Hassanpour and Khalil Boutimar were awarded in Siena’s Town Hall, and recognized for their insistence on publishing the controversial Kurdish-Farsi news magazine _Asu’ which was shut down by Iranian authorities in 2005 and later condemned to death. Boutimar is an environmental activist, and Hassanpour is an advocate for cultural rights of Iranian Kurds. Two Italian rights groups, Article 21 and ISF (Information, Safety, and Freedom) petitioned the Italian government to intervene on their behalf.