Orthodox Salafi Imams, British Muslim Activists, Organisations and the youth speak out against the Islamic State

#notinmyname Campaign, YouTube
#notinmyname Campaign, YouTube

British Muslim scholars, activists and the community speak out against ISIS. Scholars from the Orthodox Salafi school of Islamic thought have made a direct video appeal to release Alan Henning, warning the killing would directly oppose Islamic laws.

Furthermore, activists led by Britain’s Active Change charity are spreading peace online, using the same social media platforms that the terrorists are using to propagate hate. They have created and popularised a twitter hashtag “#notinmyname”. The young people are openly lambasting the Islamic State, for “hiding behind a false Islam.” The Muslim Council of Britain also roundly condemned the Islamic State’s actions and called for Henning’s release.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim community have also spoken out against IS. Their president stated that the “Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, under the guidance of our Caliph, His Holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, categorically reject extremists wherever they may be, whatever their cause.”

However, some Muslims – as noted by the Guardian article – are questioning whether or not Muslims need to apologise and speak out against IS. The article argues that it makes no sense for Muslims to apologise for crimes they played no part in. Muslims are as disgusted by them as any civilised person is.

Medical treatment of IS members in Turkey

The daily newspaper Der Standard reports, that some of the IS leaders and their companions were receiving medical treatment in Turkey. Ahmet EL H, a close friend of Abu Bakr al-Bagdadi, was under the IS members, which were receiving medical care in Turkey. According to the newspaper, Ahmet EL H was seriously injured mid-August during a bomb strike and needed medical help. Since some Turkish consulate members have been taken hostage in north Iraq by the IS, the report explains that Turkeys willingness to help the IS is maybe a way to get them released.

Turkey concerns about the PKK

Because of the IS crisis in Iraq some European nations decided to equip the Kurds in northern Iraq with modern weapons. This, according to the daily newspaper Der Standard, leads to serious concerns in Turkey. Turkey’s foreign minister Mevlüt Cavusoglu said last week during a NATO meeting, that the terror organization PKK (Kurdish Workers Party) would also be equipped with some weapons. The report explains that the PKK would actively participate in the fight against the IS.

Controversial Cleric, Abu Qatada, condemns ISIS beheadings as against Islam

Abu Qatada, the controversial Muslim cleric deported from the UK for his extremist views, states that beheading of journalists are against Islamic teachings. Speaking from his courtroom cell in Jordan, he told journalists: “Messengers should not be killed,” quoting the prophet Muhammad. The Salafist preacher has been in Jordan since last July, deported from the UK and detained awaiting retrial on two decade-old terrorism charges. The cleric, once described as “Osama bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe”, is influential among Jordanian Salafists, who follow his statements on Syria, Iraq and extremist groups issued from behind bars.

English Cricket star Moeen Ali urges British Muslims not to join IS

England cricket star Moeen Ali has “strongly advised” young British Muslims not to join Islamic State (IS) who are reigning terror overseas. Ali, a devout follower of Islam with a lengthy beard, also condemned IS atrocities where they killed members of other faiths like Christians and Yazidis as not truly reflective of Islam. He stated that he understood how Muslims would be upset by the killings by Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria but urged them not to join terrorists IS. Describing himself as a Muslim but also “very English” Ali accused the media of treating Islam “unfairly” and said Muslims “get given more of a bad name”. He said: “I try and say, ‘This is not Islam, this is just being people brainwashed or whatever’.. If you look at Islam, it condemns this sort of thing.” This is not the first time the cricketer has spoken out about political issues. Earlier this summer Mr Ali found himself in trouble with authorities for wearing “Save Gaza” and “Free Palestine” wristbands during the Third Test against India.