“It’s us or them” Sarkozy speaks out against Islamists

Speaking to thousands of cheering supporters in Nice on Tuesday night, the candidate lashed out at François Hollande’s Socialist government, and presented himself as the saviour of France before promising to “re-establish authority”.

He said: “On May 7, 2017, playtime will be over. France is in such a critical position right now because it has been led by a weak and arrogant leader whose government has lost all authority and has no control over its people.”

 Sarkozy likened himself to ‘populist’ Republican Donald Trump and said that he, as the “people’s president,” would put French interests above all else.

“Mr Trump wants to protect American interests, which is great news, because I want to protect French interests. Listening to people is the president’s duty. How many more Brexits and Trumps do we need before government officials realise that people are angry?”

The right-winger’s war on radical Islam and immigration also intensified ahead of this weekend’s election.

He said: “We live in France. Here, the state comes first, religion comes second. People should be discreet about their religious beliefs. We live in a country where women are equal to men and I will not tolerate medieval behaviour.”

The presidential hopeful added that political Islam was incompatible with French values: “France faces a very high threat from terrorism and I, as president, will wage an unrelenting war against provocative jihadists. Against inhumane extremists who promote mass violence. Against Islamic barbarians who hate us, hate what we love and what we stand for. It’s us or them.”

Sarkozy also promised to crackdown on illegal immigration by re-establishing border controls within the Schengen area, and said that France was no longer in the position to welcome migrants and could no longer help them integrate into French society.

“We need a powerful head of state, a commander-in-chief, a man of experience, and that man is Nicolas Sarkozy,” Eric Ciotti, a right-wing lawmaker for the department of Alpes-Maritimes, said.

Syrian refugees discovered in a Turkish truck

June 28, 2014

According to the Wiener Zeitung, eight Syrian refugees were discovered in a Turkish truck at the toll gate at Gleinalm. The subjects were between 2 and 66 years old. It is not clear if Austria was their primary destination.

New study claims the French are open to immigration

According to a new survey released by TNS Opinion for the German Marshall Fund of the United States, the French view immigration as far more favorable than Americans, Brits, Germans, Italians, the Dutch and Poles.

Unlike the British, for instance, the French consider immigration as an opportunity and not as a problem. Unlike Italians, they typically reject common linkages between immigration and criminality. The French believe security at the borders should be tightened to impede illegal immigration, but also call for more developmental aid for immigrants. The study was undertaken between 29 August 29 and September 29, 2008 with a sample of 1000 people in each of these 7 countries.

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Hunger Striking Illegal Immigrants in Belgium in Critical Condition

Eighty asylum-seekers in Brussels are nearing death after going for eighty days without food. The hunger strikers are protesting the government’s refusal to grand them resident permits in the country. The asylum-seekers come from a variety of places – Nepal, the Ivory Coast, Congo, Iran, Algeria, Guinea, and Brazil, and whose applications have either been rejected, or remain pending. 70 immigrants on hunger strikes agreed to abandon their dangerous measures pending a deal from the Alien Registration Office. The deal would allow the individuals to recuperate from the ordeal with a 90-day visa. However, clear guidelines have not been set, prompting many refugee and religious organizations to pressure the government to come up with a program concerning allowing illegal aliens to reside in the country.

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Immigrant hunt in Murcia sparks fear of hard-line stance

Police launched a crackdown on illegal immigration in the small Murcian town of Torre Pacheco last week. Sixty officers in the police’s immigration unit blocked the town’s main thoroughfare for hours, in search of undocumented foreign nationals. 58 were detained, and served with expulsion orders. The president of the Association of Moroccan Workers in Spain, Kamal Rahmouni, described the operation as an immigrant hunt. [the police] took anybody who looked Moroccan, or was black or Ecuadorian from the bars, the long-distance telephone centers and even from the mosque, he said. The government denied that police entered the mosque.

Dead immigrants to be honored with new memorial

A new memorial is expected to be unveiled on the island of Lampedusa, near Sicily, to serve as a memorial and reminder of the thousands of would-be migrants to Italy, that have died during their travels. It is not certain the number of migrants that have died in the past 20 years of this escalation in illegal immigration, but some estimated that as many as 12,000 may have perished in the journey. Most of the migrants trying to reach Italy come by way of North Africa, hoping to seek a better life in Italy. The Italian office of the UNHCR, the Italian Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the southern Italian regions of Puglia and Sicily will sponsor the memorial in Lampedusa.

Italian police target foreigners in crackdown on illegal immigration

Italy’s police arrested hundreds of illegal immigrants last week in a sweep of migrant shantytowns in major Italian urban areas across the country. Nearly 400 people were arrested, and 100 were immediately expelled – most of who were Moroccans and Romanians who violated immigration laws, were involved in theft and prostitution, or drug dealing. The anti-immigrant sweep was a positive thing because that’s what people want… people ask us for safety and we must give it to them, said Minister of Institutional Reforms and Federalism Umberto Rossi.

Top European official proposes fingerprinting visitors to European bloc

Every visitor to the European Union would have to provide fingerprints before being allowed to enter EU countries, under plans unveiled by the European Commission to clamp down on illegal immigration. Also included in the plan, is an initiative to record the arrival and departure of non-EU citizens, and store the data in a single database as part of an overhaul of border security. All 27 EU governments must approve the scheme before it can come into force in 2013. Civil rights groups who fear that it could lead to a fortress Europe mentality against foreigners and possible identity theft have criticized the plans.

Investment in West African cooperation stems flow of boats after 2006 crisis

Fewer than 20,000 undocumented migrants were caught trying to reach Spain via the Mediterranean in 2007 – half as many as the previous year. Government officials claim the drop confirms the success of a new strategy to tackle illegal immigration. Weekly meetings coordinates by Deputy Prime Minister Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega and other ministers and secretaries of state continue to take place every Friday in Madrid, to discuss the ways the country can deal with illegal immigration. Spanish embassies set up in West African countries and aid packages are believed to have successfully reduced the number of illegal migrants coming to Spain from West Africa, in addition the hiring of more security personal.

Italy, Libya agree joint anti-immigrant patrols

Italy and Libya have agreed to jointly patrol the Mediterranean Sea to stop illegal immigration from Libya to Italy. In the deal, Italy will supply Libya with six patrol boats to help officials from both countries increase their watch at ports and beaches that serve as popular departure points. The deail will save many human lives and dismantle criminal gangs said Italian minister Giuliano Amati; thousands of migrants try to make the trip each ear, with many dying at sea. It is not yet known when the joint patrols would begin.