Wedding ban on illegal immigrants in northern town

Illegal immigrants will be banned from getting married in the northern Italian town of Caravaggio, unless they have the legal permits to stay and work in Italy. The town’s mayor, Giuseppe Prevedini said I will no longer be available to marry illegal immigrants… In most cases these are marriages of convenience, often in exchange for money, to enable foreigners to obtain a permit of stay, bring family members to join them, and in two years to obtain citizenship.”

Pakistanis protest against consulate

Pakistanis living in Italy held a demonstration against what they perceived as an unreasonable attitude b the Pakistani consulate in Rome. The Italian government began regularizing illegal immigrants by issuing them work permits – but due to a non-cooperative attitude by the Pakistani consulate, almost twenty thousand Pakistanis were unable to complete the necessary documentation. The protestors threatened that they would go to the extent of self-immolation if the consulate did not begin to cooperate with public demand.

Let illegals work! say small businesses

Unizo, the Flemish small business association, has called for workers across the European Union to be given access to jobs in the Belgian labor market. Citing a shortage of workers, the association also states that the number of job vacancies in Flanders is twice the number of job seekers. Unizo favors giving illegal immigrants who have integrated into Belgian society the right to legally work in the country.

People-smugglers in court over British connection

A trial opened on November 15th in Paris, for some 25 men – mainly of Afghani and Iraqi Kurdish background – who allegedly smuggled thousands of illegal immigrants into Britain up until 2005. The network, nicknamed the Pashto Network has been described by prosecutors as the biggest immigration scam uncovered in recent years in France, with the alleged facing up to 10 years in jail. Believed to have been operating the network since as far back as 1999, an estimated 4,000 people have crossed the channel with the assistance of the 25 accused men.

40 Algerian illegal immigrants set fire, escape from Spanish shelter

Approximately 40 illegal Algerian immigrants escaped from a shelter in Barcelona on Friday. The escapees seized the opportunity of fires in the shelter, as guards were busy trying to extinguish the flames. The conditions of the shelter are rumored to be very poor, and the fires were intentionally set by those seeking to escape from the shelter, which serves to house illegal immigrants.

Police hunt 27 escaped immigrants

Eight of the thirty-five illegal immigrants who escaped from an internment camp in Barcelona’s Zona Franca district were re-captured. The internment camp serves those who await deportation for not having the proper paperwork. The escape occurred as a group effort to force open a door; Police are searching for twenty-seven escaped immigrants who are still at large.

Senators in Bipartisan Deal on Immigration Bill

Senators announced on Thursday that they had reached an agreement on immigration reform that would constitute the biggest change in immigration law and policy in over 20 years. The bill would strengthen border patrol while creating a path toward legalization for the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants currently residing in the United States. Permission to immigrate would be granted to candidates according to a merit-based point system that rewards job skills, education and English language proficiency. The employment-based system is a deviation from the current family-based immigration policy. Proponents claim that family ties will continue to be honored as individuals with relatives within the U.S. would be favored over those without. Critics argue that close family members will continue to be separated because of the proposed policy.