End of the II Inter-religious Iberian-American Summit in Barcelona

30 June 2012


For three days, leaders, experts and representatives of different religious denominations coming from America, Spain and Portugal met in Barcelona.
The Director General of Religious Affairs has emphasized in his speech “the ability to dialogue and listening and the importance of interreligious dialogue.” In the closing ceremony was also discussed and approved a document called the Barcelona Declaration which will be given to the heads of states participating in Cadiz, in November at the XII Iberian-American Summit.

Catalonia will receive the II Iberian-American Interreligious Summit

21 June 2012
Starting on Monday, the 25th of June, Barcelona hosts the II Iberian-American Interreligious Summit.
Among others, the program will address issues such as freedom and human rights, brotherhood and solidarity, dialogue and coexistence, inclusion and equity. The findings aim to provide the XXII Iberian-American Summit with proposals to achieve stable and equitable funding of the states, improving social cohesion and strengthening public safety. Also, this second summit wants to consolidate the Iberian-American Interfaith Network as a forum for exchange between the confessions and to follow up the conclusions and recommendations of the Iberian-American Interreligious Summit.