Hofstad Group Member to be Released from Prison

30 August 2013


Samir Azzouz, serving a nine year sentence for terrorism in Rotterdam, is to be released on 6 September. He will have served two thirds of the sentence. Azzouz was a member of the “Hofstad Group”, and was jailed for preparing attacks on targets including politicians and the head office of the AIVD secret service.

The Public Prosecutor requested a one year delay in Azzouz’s release, on the basis of poor behavior in prison and continued “radical Islamic convictions.” Azzouz was re-arrested in his cell in 2012 under suspicion of planning another attack. The judge rejected the request due to a lack of plan from the Public Prosecutor proving how the danger of repetition would be reduced by an extension of Azzouz’s time in prison.

Hofstad Group Member Released from Dutch Jail

May 11 2013

Convicted Dutch terrorist Jason Walters, who has spent eight years in jail for throwing a hand grenade at police, has been released after serving two-thirds of his sentence. He was arrested in 2004 as one of a group of men said to have formed a terrorist organization known to police as the Hofstad group. Walters was convicted for throwng a hand grenade at police and sentenced to 13 years in jail, a sentence reduced slightly on appeal. He was released early on good behaviour. Walters, who has an American father and Dutch mother, converted to Islam; he has since rejected Islam.

Hofstad Group Member Granted Prison Leave

16 January 2012


A member of the Hofstad group has been granted a supervised leave while serving his eight year jail sentence in the Netherlands. Jason Walters, a convert to Islam with an American father and Dutch mother, was convicted of throwing a hand grenade at police while resisting arrest. Walters has since rejected Islam.

Dutch Sources for Al Qaeda Website

December 9 2010

Telegraaf reports that the Ansar Al Mujahideen website, a mouthpiece for al-Qaeda worldwide carefully monitored by security services, is run by a group of Dutch Muslims. The site, registered with a Brussels PO Box, also includes an Arabic and a German section in addition to primarily English and Dutch articles. According to the Telegraaf report, “intelligence sources confirm that the English part of the website is run by a dozen Dutch Muslim extremists” including women and those with ties to the Hofstad Group.

Members of Dutch “Hofstad Group” Should Face 17 Years in Prison

November 3 2010

Seven young men accused of being members of members of the so-called ‘Hofstad (capital city) group’ face retrial on accusations of being members of a terrorist organization. The seven are part of a loose grouping of of young Muslims said to include Mohammed Bouyeri who murdered film maker Theo van Gogh in 2004. Since initially being found not guilty of participation in a terrorist organization in 2008, the Dutch high court has ruled that the definitions for the ‘existence and structure of a criminal or terrorist organization’ were too strict and ordered a retrial. Public prosecution suggested this week that the men should face up to 17 years in prison.

Hofstad Group Retrial Starts in Amsterdam

ANP reports that seven men accused of being members of the “Hofstad” terrorist group will go on trial again on Friday, in Amsterdam. The retrial was ordered by the Dutch high court in February after the men were found not guilty on charges as a terrorist organization. The Hofstad (‘capital city’) group, so named for its location in the Hague, is said to include Mohammed Bouyeri, who murdered filmmaker Theo van Gogh in 2004.

Man shot dead attacking Amsterdam police had mental problems, possible terrorism link

A man shot dead by Amsterdam police after he stabbed two officers had a history of mental problems, and had at one point been interrogated as a witness in a terrorism case, the city’s district attorney said Monday. The man who was shot dead Sunday was identified as 22-year-old Bilal B., a Dutch man of Moroccan descent, District Attorney Leo de Wit said Monday. He said the man, who had been in a psychiatric hospital as recently as Sunday morning, was an associate of the “Hofstad Group” – a group of radical Dutch Muslims that includes Mohammed Bouyeri, serving a life sentence for the 2004 murder of filmmaker Theo van Gogh. In 2005 “Bilal B. had contacts with members of the Hofstad group, and there were discussion about that” with the Dutch secret service, De Wit told reporters at a news conference together with the mayor and chief of police.

Dutch Moroccan shot by police linked to ‘terror’ group: police

A mentally unstable man shot dead by police in Amsterdam after he knifed two officers had ties to the extremist group involved in the murder of Dutch film-maker Theo Van Gogh, police said Monday. Bilal B., a 22-year old Dutch citizen of Moroccan descent, was “interviewed as a witness after the arrest of members connected with the ‘Hofstad Group’ on October 14, 2005” officer Leo de Wit told a press conference. At the time seven people were arrested on suspicion of preparing attacks against Dutch government buildings. According to police, the seven were in close contact with the Hofstad Group, a previously dismantled “terror network”…