Muslim municipal councillor resigns

Fatima Mohamed, municipal councilor at Gines city Council (a small town in Seville) and member of the conservative Popular Party, resigned. She declared that she was being discriminated by her own party because she wore the hijab. She also stated that the Popular Party had used her in order to “sell integration”, but that her opinion in favor of the wearing of the hijab had caused her to be rejected by key members of the Popular Party in Andalusia.

The girl who was expelled for wearing the hijab registers at another school

Najwa Malhat, a 16 years old Muslim girl, who was expelled from her school for wearing a headscarf last week, has been allowed to register at another public school. The first school that Nawja was assigned to has suddenly changed its Internal Regulation in order to forbid the wearing of head coverings inside the center, including the hijab. Finally, Najwa has been admitted to another school and is currently attending normal classes.