Three Algerians accused of distributing jihadist sermons

In the northern city of Vitoria, Spanish police arrested three people suspected of trying to promote radical Islam on Thursday. According to police, the three distributed CD’s and MP3 files calling for a jihad or holy war among the city’s Muslim population. The group had allegedly been distributing the recordings before their computers, hard drives, MP3 players and CD’s were seized. Police began investigating the Vitoria group in December, and moved to arrest the three following an order from Spain’s High Court.

Judge orders the release of 10 High Court bomb plot suspects

Spain’s national court has granted provisional freedom to ten of thirty terrorism suspects charged with plans to blow up the court building. In 2004, in what was called Operacion Nova, an Islamist cell to blow up the building was dismantled. The suspects who are believed to have links to al-Qaeda, face between 8 and 43 years in prison. Ten of them were granted conditional freedom by the national court after being jailed for four years – half the maximum sentence that they faced. However, only five of the ten will be permitted to leave, as the others must continue to serve sentences for other offences. The suspects who will be released have been ordered to report regularly to police and are forbidden to leave Spain.

Sister’s call to free bomb plotter

The teenage sister of suicide bomb plotter Atif Siddique has started an internet campaign to have her brother released, it was reported. Ayesha Siddique, 17, claims “there is no such thing as justice” on her Bebo page. Ayesha, of Alva, Clackmannanshire, describes her jailed brother, 21, as a “darling” and asks people to back a petition campaigning to free him and support his solicitor, Aamer Anwar. Her brother was jailed for eight years in October at the High Court in Edinburgh for plotting terrorism. [Full-text here.->

Most outspoken on Islamic Extremism

Dewsbury Labour MP Shahid Malik has told the High Court that he had spoken out against Islamic extremism more than anyone else in the country. The international development minister is suing for libel damages over a “bullying” press campaign which he says branded him a racist whose divisive style was to blame for the rise of the BNP in the area.

‘Wannabe suicide bomber’ guilty verdict ‘tragedy for justice’

The verdict over a British-born Muslim student found guilty of a series of terrorism offences on Monday has been described as “tragedy for justice and for freedom of speech”. The “wannabe suicide bomber” Mohammed Atif Siddique, 21, could face 15-years in jail for allegedly providing training material on booby-trap bomb making and threatening to become a suicide bomber. A jury at the High Court in Glasgow took more than eight hours to convict Siddique, from Alva, Clackmannanshire, of possessing and distributing a range of terrorist material via websites and providing instructional material about guns and explosives over the internet.

Islamists robbing luxury homes in Spain to finance terror

Madrid: In many cases, luxury homes, both in Spain and in other European countries, as recently detected in Switzerland, are being robbed in order to provide finance for the Al-Qa’idah network’s international Islamist terrorism. This supposes a qualitative leap as until now it was known that a significant part of these funds came from large-scale drugs trafficking and what is termed low intensity crime, like cloning credit cards, collections in “illegal” mosques, document forgery and “donations”. In connection with Islamist terrorism, the National High Court’s chief prosecutor, Javier Zaragoza, will speak today at the meeting held by Eurojust in The Hague (Netherlands) about everything connected with the 11 March attacks in Madrid and the role played by the Prosecutor’s Office in the case. The attorney-general, Candido Conde-Pumpido, will also attend this meeting…