Jihad flies over Malaga

January 12, 2014


The arrest of Mohamed Sadik Abdeluahid in Malaga brings to the fore the fact that jihadists use the city airport as a platform to return to Spain after their military training. The High Court judge Ismael Moreno sent Sadik to prison on charges of belonging to the terrorist organization Islamic State of Iraq and the Levante (ISIL), responsible for recruiting Mujahideen for Syria from Ceuta and Morocco. According to the judge this cell has sent at least six groups of men from Spain to Syria.


La opinion de Malaga: http://www.laopiniondemalaga.es/malaga/2014/01/12/yihad-sobrevuela-malaga/644800.htmlNew norm to the opening of the mosques

Young man arrested for praising Jihad online

December 23, 2013


The Madrid XL Group of the Provincial Information Brigade, which specializes in Islamic Terrorism, has arrested a 24-year Spanish man and convert to Islam at his home of Entrevias (Puente de Vallecas). He is charged with an offense of glorifying terrorism and the Jihad and the case is in the hands of the High Court.
According to investigators, Abdallah used his Facebook account to defend the “jihad” in Islamic wars or conflicts such as Syria or Palestine. The Police found manuals for weapons and explosives in his house. Abdallah made ​​his first trip to Mecca last year.


Abc.es: http://www.abc.es/madrid/20131223/abcp-detenido-joven-enaltecer-yihad-20131222.html


Suspect in Mehra affaire arrested

Le Monde


A 25-year-old man was arrested for suspected complicity in Mohammed Mehra’s attacks in Toulouse last year, which killed 7 people.  The man was taken to court and presented to an anti-terrorism related judge at the High Court of Paris. He is accused of having been complicit in the theft of the scooter, which Mehra later used to commit his killing spree.  Unlike Mehra’s brother, who is being imprisoned since more than a year for complicity in the killing, the 25-year-old is believed to not have been informed about Mehra’s assassination plans. According to his lawyer, the suspect denies to have been aware of any of the plans and repeatedly condemned Mehra’s actions.

The family of the student prohibited to use the hijab will appeal the Court’s decision

03 April 2013

Najwa Malha’s family, the girl who was forbidden to attend the Camilo Jose Cela school with a headscarf, in 2010, appealed to the Constitutional Court about the decision of the High Court of Justice of Madrid to endorse the decision of the school. The student’s lawyer has insisted that his goal is to prove that her right to religious freedom not respected.

“If they get to the European courts they will rule in favor of the girl”

03April 2013

The president of the Union of Islamic Communities of Spain (UCIDE) Riay Tatary, said that the High Court of Justice of Madrid (TSJM) rule about the Camilo Jose Cela de Pozuelo de Alarcón school’s decision to prohibit a Muslim student, Najwa Malha, from wearing a headscarf in class,  will be dismissed in the case it goes to European Court of Human Rights. Tatary noted that “we need national dialogue” and a unification of the rules in this domain  and in other matters as “it is not about a girl or a particular garment, but about a fundamental right, the right to religious freedom. “

Muslim Minister: British to Embrace their Religion.


Last week, religion has dominated an important discussion in the UK. Following a High Court rule banning prayers from formal council meetings, Conservative MP Baroness Warsi, Britain’s first female Muslim Cabinet minister, has urged the British people to embrace their (Christian) religion and to not let a “militant secularisation” take hold of British society. In an official meeting in the Vatican with six other British ministers, Baroness Warsi has called for religion to be given a greater role in public life to push back a wave of “intolerant secularisation”. Warsi has complained that religion is being sidelined, marginalised and downgraded in Europe. Overall, she would like to see Europe to be more confident in its Christian roots, rather than denying its religious heritage. Warsi considers religion and strong religious identities to be particularly important in order to encourage social harmony.

Judges Rule: Muslim Baby Adopted to Prevent “Honour Killing”


On Wednesday before Christmas, Britain’s Court of Appeal ruled that a baby at risk of becoming the victim of an “honour killing” must be adopted to keep her safe. The baby was the result of her unmarried Muslim mother’s secret affair with a married man and now had to be adopted to save it from being murdered by her mother’s family.

The child was conceived in 2009; when the mother found out she was pregnant, she was terrified of her family’s reaction and, with the help of sympathetic relatives, hid her pregnancy from most male family members and gave birth in a hospital far away from her home. When she returned home, she left the baby with adoptive Muslim parents. When the father found out about the pregnancy and the baby, however, he began proceedings to win custody. A High Court ruled, though, that the risk of retribution was too great and, in light of the danger that the mother’s family would kill the baby and her, the baby should stay with its adoptive parents. The Court of Appeal essentially confirmed this decision and regarded the risk of physical harm to the baby and its mother as being of major importance. The judges ruled that the desire amongst the mother’s relatives to preserve the family’s honour was simply too dangerous; therefore, the child has to be brought up by Muslim foster parents.

One member of Tabligh obtain the citizenship in spite of the opposition from CNI

The Spanish High Court has granted citizenship by residence to a Muslim who belongs to the Tabligh movement. In 2006 the Spanish Government had refused his petition of citizenship as a result of a negative report from the CNI (Spanish Center of Intelligence).

This governmental agency defines the Tabligh Islamic movement as intransigent with the freedom and against to the equality. The CNI considered his relations between this individual and the Tabligh organization as proof of his lack of integration in to the Spanish society.

Pakistan seeking information on Americans seeking to train for jihad; no plans to deport

Police raided a hotel where the five American would-be jihadists stayed upon arrival in Pakistan. They recovered a mobile phone and five bags, but no major clues were discovered.

There has been speculation about Pakistan deporting the men, but no plans to send them back the US are currently in place. They cannot be handed over to the FBI without permission of the Lahore High Court.

The Americans attempted to contact a jihad group in Pakistan through the internet, and traveled to the country to train for jihad. They have not been charged.

Prison for Islamists who attempted an attack on Barcelona subway system

The National High Court has sentenced eleven people to prison for between 8 and 14 years.

Ten Pakistanis and one Indian, who were arrested in 2008 for plotting a suicide attack on the Barcelona subway, have been condemned for being part of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, an Islamic organization suspected of terrorism.