An Halal rule must be fruit of consensus

17/03/2012 – Autor: Hanif Escudero Uribe – Source: Instituto Halal
The Halal Institute has considered necessary to advance in the development of the Halal Rule as the result of consensus of various Muslim parties, mainly consumers and producers, as well as various associations and Muslim communities that allow to achieve a shura (consensus) on important issues such as food in schools, hospitals or the military, education, management of mosques or tombs.

Young Spanish Muslims congratulate the Spanish national soccer team on their recent victory

Hanif Escudero, responsible for the Department of Youth and Sports of the Islamic Council, congratulated Luis Aragon_s and the Spanish Soccer Team for their victory and for having united the nation around the same objective. Escudero also mentioned the importance of soccer for the inter-religious encounter among young people.