Shari`ah Marriages Booming in France

By Hadi Yahmid PARIS – Parisians are used now to seeing a decorated motorcade carrying a young Muslim groom and his bride to a mosque to tie the knot under Shari`ah terms as many Muslims are keen on striking a balance between civil and Islamic marriages. “Shari`ah-compliant marriages are booming in France,” Daw Meskin, the head of the French council for Imams, told Friday, July 13. “French Muslims of the second and third generations are even more keen on having Shari`ah-compliant marriages than civil ones.”

Sarkozy’s Words on Immigrants Turn Law

By Hadi Yahmid PARIS – France is waking up to the reality that President Nicolas Sarkozy’s tough line on immigration during his election campaign was no rhetoric, with a new bill restricting immigration under the family reunions law just waiting for the new parliament to be elected. “This new bill gives more credence to our earlier fears of the new government’s immigration policies,” Xavier Aminton, an immigration expert with the French League of Human Rights, told A few weeks in the job, new Immigration and National Identity Brice Hortefeux is already putting the final touches on a new bill to amend the 5-year-old family reunification law.

French Immigrants Eye Parliament

By Hadi Yahmid PARIS – French of immigrant background are running in large numbers in the country’s cut-throat legislative race, hoping to be represented in the 577-member legislature to have their voices heard. “Candidates of immigrant background are highly tipped as possible lawmakers in an unprecedented way in French history,” candidate Malika Ahmed told on Saturday, June 2. “It is high time for French of immigrant background to have strong representation in parliament.” Ahmed is running as an independent for the June 10-17 election in the constituency of Seine Saint Denis, north of Paris. She ran for parliament for the first time in 2002. “This is the second time to run for the seat,” she said. She is one of many immigrant candidates running this year for the polls.

French Court Quashes Imam Deportation

By Hadi Yahmid PARIS, April 27 ( – A French court quashed Monday, April 26, a government decision to deport an Imam to his native Algeria for statements seen by the secular country as violence-inciting. “The ruling has done justice to Imam Abdelkader Bouziane, given the expulsion was neither convincing nor justifiable,” his lawyer Mahmmoud Hibia told “Now Bouziane can return back to France at any time to reunite with his family and sons.” Interior Minister Dominique de Villepin ordered the deportation of Bouziane, imam of a mosque in the eastern city of Lyon, after press statements that Muslim husbands can beat their unfaithful wives.