The detained terrorists intended to attack Gibraltar

06 August 2012


The alleged Russian Chechen Islamists arrested last Thursday in Almuradiel (Ciudad Real) intended to attack  Gibraltar coinciding with the celebration of the Olympic Games in London, as it is clear from the research conducted by the National Court Judge Pablo Ruz, reported legal sources.

This is the conclusion of researchers following a statement from the flight instructor who was contacted by Eldar Magomedov, aka “Muslim Dost,” Muhamed Ankari Adamov and Cengiz Turk Yalzin to teach them how to paraglide during their stay in La Linea de la Concepción (Cádiz).

Three Moroccans try to reach Spain on surfboard

Three would-be immigrants from Morocco tried to paddle their way through rough waters across the Strait of Gibraltar on a surfboard before they were picked up by a ferry that was passing by. Spotted about 20 minutes out of the Moroccan port of Tangiers, the three had told the ferry crew that they left Rabat the previous night to try and reach Spain.