Director of the Casa Arabe believes that the expression Islamic terrorism discriminates Muslims

Gema Mart_n, director of Casa Arabe, believes that the use of terms Islamic terrorism or Islamist to qualify the acts of groups such as Al Qaeda has contributed to the growth of intolerance towards Muslims in Europe. As an alternative name, Gema Mart_n suggests alqaedist terrorism and also defends the need to promote seminars that will help clarify the phenomenon and promote concrete actions to fight against Islamophobia. Mart_n’s comments were made during the announcement of the Cordoba Conference, which will focus on this subject.

Mohamed Chaib: “it’s not normal to deny the right to vote to immigrants

The PSC of the Catalonia parliament Mohamed Chaib Akhdim has defended a change in the politics related with immigration and has also emphasised that it’s normal that at this time 3 or 4 millions of immigrants have no right to vote and has also asked this institution to decided what type of cities and neighbourhoods they wish to have. At the same time, Mart_n Mu_oz, director of the Arabic Studies International Institute underlined the importance of promoting equal legal rights among all citizens and the right to freely exercise a religion. In this context she also defended the construction of mosques as a proof of positive integration and transparency and lamented the negative reactions produced whenever these communities declare their intentions to construct praying sites. A paradox in her words, when on one hand Muslims are asked to be visible and on the other hand this opportunity is limited or even worse refused. Gema Mart_n Mu_oz reinforced the Spanish challenge to assimilate a growing Muslim community and the importance of having integration politics adapted to national marks.