The national Police detains in Valencia a suspect of Islamic terrorism

08 February 2013


Spanish Police Force arrested yesterday in the city of Valencia a suspect of Islamic terrorism, a Moroccan citizen, Mohamed Echaabi.
The monitoring and control carried out by the National Police on the detainee and his activities, have confirmed his intentions to commit terrorist acts against personalities or other targets, according to the doctrine of the Global Jihad, both in Spain and in other European countries, for which the prisoner took steps to acquire firearms and explosives.
Mohamed Echaabi had undergone a process of radicalization by which he gained firm convictions that led him to leave Spain and travel to the Gaza Strip in January 2011, in order to carry out a suicidal action against Israeli interests.
Echaabi is considered by the police as a “lone wolf or a terrorist” recruited by terrorist networks, and self-radicalized through the Internet. Moreover, the alleged terrorist presented a profile almost identical to the one of French terrorist Mohamed Merah, author of several murders in Toulouse (France) in March 2012.

A Canadian Line of Campbell’s Soups Has Activists Stewing Over Islamic Connection

Campbell Soup Co., the Camden, N.J., food giant, has been fighting a grass-roots boycott of its products after its Canadian subsidiary rolled out a line of soups certified as halal, meaning they’re prepared according to Islamic dietary laws. Campbell Co. of Canada introduced the soups in a few Canadian markets in January, although American bloggers didn’t catch up to the news until earlier this month.

Blogger Pamela Geller began calling for a boycott earlier this month via her widely read site, Atlas Shrugs. Other bloggers soon joined in. “No one is suggesting they refrain from this line,” Geller said. “No one is suggesting they not have halal food. I’m not against halal food any more than I’m against kosher food. My issue is who’s doing the certifying.” Geller opposes Campbell’s decision to have its Canadian products certified by the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), an organization that government prosecutors alleged had ties to the terrorist group Hamas in a 2007 conspiracy case.

ISNA, an organization based in Plainfield, Ind., was designated an “unindicted co-conspirator” in the prosecution of a charitable organization that funneled money to Hamas, the Islamist organization that rules the Gaza Strip. Hamas has been named a terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department.

Interview with U.S. Author Steve Coll: ‘Osama bin Laden is Planning Something for the US Election’

US author Steve Coll spent years looking into Osama bin Laden’s family. Now, his new book provides a unique insight into the clan. SPIEGEL spoke with him about where the terrorist might be hiding, how his father got his start, and the unique romantic liasons pursued by one of his brothers. SPIEGEL: Mr. Coll, Osama bin Laden recently broke a long silence. He threatened Europe and called for the “liberation” of the Gaza Strip. How seriously should we take these missives? Do they tell us anything about him or about where he might be?

Muslim Groups Protest Closure of Charity

The American Muslim Taskforce on Civil Rights and Elections has expressed its anger at the closure of the Muslim charity KindHearts by US authorities in February this year. KindHearts, the Ohio-based group was a $5 million-a-year charity with branches in Lebanon, Pakistan, and the Gaza Strip. It provided funds for water treatment plants and orphanages, but was shut down by federals authorities amid allegations that it was aiding Hamas. Pleas by American-Muslim leaders to US Treasury Secretary John Snow for guidelines on how to financially aid the Palestinian people without being accused of terrorism have been ignored.