Islam Debate in Germany: “Girls are made unable for integration

The German writer G_nter Wallraff proposed reading Salman Rushdi’s ‘Satanic Verses’ in a controversial new mosque in Cologne. The religious foundation building the mosque discussed the project but eventually refused the proposal. G_nter Wallraff doesn’t think of himself as a provocateur, he just wants to get a dialogue going and to put the integration of Muslims in German society to the test. Now he is participating in a critical Islam conference. The critical Islam conference will take place in spring/summer 2008. A pubic announcement event, a penal discussion of Islam critics, including Wallraff, took place at the University of Cologne on 1 December. Spiegel Online has interviewed him about Islam in Germany.

German Author Wants to Read Satanic Verses in Mosque

A German book author said he wants to read aloud inside a Cologne mosque from “The Satanic Verses,” the 1988 novel by Salman Rushdie that some Muslims consider blasphemous and led to a 1989 fatwa against Rushdie. Just before political and religious leaders met in Berlin for the second national integration summit, journalist and author G_nter Wallraff, 64, proposed to read from Rushdie’s “The Satanic Verses” at a mosque to be built in Cologne by the western German city’s Turkish community. He said the Ankara-funded Ditib religious foundation had not been insulted and was discussing his proposal. The organization’s secretary for dialog, Bekir Alboga, said Wallraff’s idea had not been rejected outright, and that the Ditib board, would respond to the request.