Dutch Statesman Claims West is a Danger to Islam

7 September 2011

Frits Bolkestein, former leader of the Dutch center-right VVD and a prominent “elder statesman”  in the country, has released a new book, The Intellectual Seduction: Dangerous Ideas in Politics. At a reading in Amsterdam Bolkestein expressed his opinion on Islam and multiculturalism in the Netherlands, disparaging cultural relativism and calling for European leaders to stand up for freedom of expression and individualism. Bolkestein distanced himself from Geert Wilders and the notion that Islam poses a threat to western civilization, stating “I think that’s nonsense. On the contrary, it is us with our ideas, our ideals of individualism and secularism which constitute a danger to Islam: That’s why they react so strongly.”

Netherlands Identifies Anti-Semitic and Anti-Islam Sentiment

December 16 2010

Following a comment last week from politician Frits Bolkestein that “Dutch Jews had better emigrate to Israel” to avoid threat by Moroccan Muslims, Radio Netherlands Worldwide runs an article questioning whether “the Netherlands is too small for Muslims and Jews”. The article notes a decrease in incidents against Jews and Jewish institutions in recent years, but, as Willem Wagenaar of the Anne Frank House notes, an increase in sensitivity towards anti-Semitism in Dutch society. Aissa Zanzan of the Amsterdam Union of Mosques notes the problem of street abuse directed towards individual Muslims, and an anti-Islamic atmosphere prevailing in the country.