Algeria doesn’t want French gunman’s body

News Agencies – March 28, 2012


A young man who claimed responsibility for France’s worst terror attacks in years will be buried Thursday in a Muslim cemetery near the southern city where he was killed in gunfight with police, religious leaders said. Burying Mohamed Merah is a sensitive issue for both his native France and his father’s native Algeria.

His father wanted him buried in a family plot in Algeria. Merah’s body was brought to the airport in the city of Toulouse, and his mother had been expecting to accompany it to Algiers on a flight later in the day. But Abdallah Zekri of the French Muslim Council, or CFCM, told The Associated Press that Algerian authorities refused for “reasons of public order.” Zekri had been liaising with Algerian authorities in Toulouse. Instead, Merah will be buried at the Muslim cemetery in Cornebarrieu, near Toulouse, Zekri said.

French president visits main Paris mosque after bitter ‘halal’ debate

News Agencies – March 14, 2012

President Nicolas Sarkozy visited Paris’s main mosque, a week after a row over halal meat led France’s Muslims and Jews to complain they were being used as pawns in the presidential election. Sarkozy met the mosque’s rector and the French Muslim Council leader and said he told them “he did not want, in this electoral period, some of our compatriots to feel hurt by controversies that have no place here”.

Sarkozy also inaugurated at the mosque a memorial to Muslim soldiers who died fighting for France. The country has for years been debating how far it is willing to go to accommodate Islam, now France’s second religion, and Sarkozy and Le Pen have both made the matter a central issue in their campaigns.

Paris Grand Mosque To Boycott French Muslim Council Vote

Dalil Boubakeur, rector of the Grand Mosque of Paris and leader of the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) since 2003, announced the Paris Grand Mosque will boycott the June 8, 2008 vote. Boubakeur has said, This is no way to organize Islam in France because larger, older mosques will be privileged in the voting schema. Until press date, president Sarkozy has not intervened or commented on the affair…

French Muslim Council: Muslims Don’t Want To Be Lumped Together With Fanatics

PARIS – Dalil Boubakeur, president of the French Muslim Council, said that Muslims refuse to continue to be lumped together “with extremists, with fanatics, or with terrorists”. Boubakeur and Abdekkader Bouazza, president of one of the eight regional federations that comprise the Council, delivered a strong statement in support of a modern, tolerant, liberal, republican, French and truly Islamic way of life. {(continued below in French)} “L’islam de france ne peut _tre que lib_ral en sa forme. Toute autre option radicale est vou_e _ l’_chec”, a d_clar_ M. Boubakeur, _galement recteur de la Grande Mosqu_e de Paris, lors des assises nationales des F_d_rations r_gionales de la Grande Mosqu_e de Paris (FR-GMP). “Les musulmans en ont assez d’_tre amalgam_s _ des extr_mistes, _ des fanatiques ou _ des terroristes. Nous nous affirmons devant Dieu et les hommes de bonne foi, acquis aux droits des hommes et des femmes, soucieux de l’_panouissement social de nos jeunes et des plus faibles”, a ajout_ M. Boubakeur. “Au moment o_ il se trouve _ la crois_e de son histoire, parions en France pour un islam r_publicain, de renouveau, d’alternative lib_rale, ouvert et tol_rant, en contrepoids des extr_mismes, des radicalismes et de tous les fondamentalismes”, a poursuivi M. Boubakeur. De son c_t_, le pr_sident d’une des huit f_d_rations r_gionales, qui sont une composante du CFCM, Abdekkader Bouazza (pr_sident d’Aquitaine-Limousin-Poitou-Charentes), a affirm_ : la FN-GMP (F_d_ration nationale-Grande Mosqu_e de Paris) “se veut le trait d’union entre tous les musulmans et les non-musulmans de France”. Notre f_d_ration “est plus que n_cessaire, compte tenu des comportements de certaines organisations, de certains groupuscules qui occupent le terrain, qui parlent, agissent _ la place des repr_sentants de la majorit_ silencieuse des musulmans”, et qui “d_tournent l’islam de sa vraie direction”, a ajout_ M. Bouazza.

On the eve of the trial regarding the caricatures of the Prophet, the French Muslim Council voices disapproval

In a recent communication, the French Muslim Council (CFCM), whose charge is to address only questions linked expressly to religious practice, seemed to refuse the French political parties the right to criticize or even to address the question of French Islam with regards to the presidential election.

French Muslim Council Warns Against Radical Islam

By Tom Heneghan PARIS – The main mission of France’s Muslim Council is to protect France and its Islamic community from religious radicalism imported from abroad, its moderate leader said on Monday after being reelected for a second term. Dalil Boubakeur, rector of the Grand Mosque of Paris, said the victory of conservative and moderate mosque networks in elections for the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) showed a large majority of French Muslims rejected radicalism.