English Title for Book by Controversial Dutch MP Released

21 December 2011


Controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders, leader of the Freedom Party (PVV), has released the English title of his book, to be released in April. The book is to be called ‘Marked for Death: Islam’s War Against the West and Me’, and the politician is marketing it as an ‘indictment of Islam and its Prophet Mohammed.’  It is not yet known whether it will be translated into Dutch.

Dutch Members of European Parliament Refuse to Recognize Arab Spring Activists

15 December 2011


The members of the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV) with seats in the European parliament refused to acknowledge the five activists in the Arab Spring uprising who were awarded with the Sacharov prize for freedom of thought. The four members refused to applaud or stand for the winners, and the leader of the PVV delegation in Europe criticized the decision to award the prize “to an Arabic civil war”.

Dutch Political Party Aims to Ban Minarets

The Dutch Freedom Party (PVV), known for its anti-islam, anti-immigrant platform, is calling for a referendum on the presence of minarets in the Netherlands. According to the party minarets symbolize the domination of Christianity by Islam.


Dutch MP to Release Book on Islam

3 October 2011

Anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders, leader of the Freedom Party, will release a book about the history of Islam in late April 2012. Press agency Novum announced that the book, which will examine “the true nature of Islam” will be launched in the US and then published elsewhere.

Dutch MP Refers to Turkish Prime Minister as “Islamic Monkey”

14 September 2011

Raymond de Roon, an MP for the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV), referred to Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan as an ‘Islamic monkey’ during parliamentary question period. The remark was made in reference to Turkey’s anti-Israel rhetoric and in the context of the Dutch saying ‘here comes the monkey out of the sleeve’. MPs from the ruling parties condemned the statement and Foreign Affairs Minister Uri Rosenthal has publicly distanced himself from the comment.

Wilders Calls for Minaret Ban in Netherlands

21 September 2011

Geert Wilders and his Freedom Party (PVV) are calling for a referendum against the construction of new minarets in the Netherlands. The politician, stating that ‘Minarets… are the towers of a rising desert ideology’, announced that he will submit draft legislation to parliament to move towards a public vote on the matter.

Dutch Anti-Islam Politician in Controversy over Norway Tragedy

July 26 2011

Dutch media has closely followed the connection between ‘Norway shooter’ Anders Behring Breivik and the anti-Islam position of MP Geert Wilders, leader of the Freedom Party (PVV). The coverage follows comments that some of the ideas expressed by Breivik “are not so far removed from those promoted by Geert Wilders” and information that the shooter attended a speech by Wilders in London last year, and question whether the politician is partially ‘to blame’ for the shooting. Wilders responded to the suggestion through a statement and tweets, rejecting all attempts to link his ideology to that of Breivik. He claims the attention on possible connection is an attempt to turn the situation for political gain. Nu.nl reports that in a recent poll, 52% of Dutch think Wilders should not moderate his tone with respect to Islam as a result of the events.

Dutch Parliamentary Aide Suspended after Burqa Comment

16 July 2011

Following a description of Muslim women who wear burqa as ‘scum’ in an online clip, Dutch Parliamentary Aide Sam van Rooy of the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV) has been suspended. The footage has since been removed from YouTube, and a PVV spokeswoman noted that the clip “goes much to far”.


Positioning Dutch Immigration Policy

30 June 2011

Radio Netherlands Worldwide provides a feature commentary on proposals by the leader of the Freedom Party (PVV), Geert Wilders, to cut immigration by 30% over the next four years. The article considers whether the country is leading the way as pioneer in restrictive immigration laws as a part of the European vanguard, or whether, as EU Commissioner Malmstrom suggests, it is a ‘lone wolf’ choosing a populist policy at the expense of EU norms.

Dutch MP Says Third Generation Should Still Count as Non-Native

30 June 2011

The Dutch Freedom Party (PVV) has requested that grandchildren of immigrants to the country remain classified as ‘immigrants’ for the purposes of tracking the progress of their integration. PVV representative Joram van Klaveran made the request of internal affairs minister Piet Hein Donner on the grounds that third generation immigrants cause specific problems in society. As Trouw reports, currently 80% of third generation immigrants are younger than ten.