Hirsi Ali to receive protection across Europe, says Frattini

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Somali-born Dutch activist facing threats from her controversial criticism of Islam, will receive national protection anywhere in the European Union, said a top justice official in Brussels. Franco Frattini, the European commissioner for justice and home affairs said that Hirsi Ali and others who face threats for their opinions or writings would be guaranteed protection wherever they went in the EU and that the host country would bear the expenses. Frattini said: “the protection of people vulnerable or under threat is under the full competence of the member states. Hirsi Ali went to the European Parliament two weeks ago to demand that the EU pay for her protection when living in the United States. Last autumn, the Dutch government withdrew funding for her security expenses, prompting her return to Europe.

EU official outlines details of future “Blue Card” for immigrants

Brussels (dpa) – The EU is to grant a fast-track admission procedure and a decent salary to highly-qualified foreign workers wishing to relocate to Europe, a top EU official said Thursday. The initiative, which includes a future “Blue Card” – the EU’s equivalent to the Green Card in the US – is designed to counter labour shortages and entice more skilled workers from Africa, Asia and South America, most of whom currently prefer to seek employment in the United States. “We have to shift … our traditional way of thinking of migration as a world of loss and sorrow,” Franco Frattini, the EU commissioner who holds the immigration portfolio, said in a speech delivered to a conference in Lisbon, a copy of which was made available in Brussels.

EU Has Limits Respecting Muslim Traditions, Says Frattini

The vice-president of the European Commission Franco Frattini has said Europe can only respect Muslim traditions if they do not contradict the bloc’s own basic values, such as freedom of speech or equality between men and women. “We are not governed by sharia, after all,” he said in an interview with the Italian daily La Repubblica published on Monday

Terrorismo: Frattini, Comunità; Islam Combattano Estremisti

Il terrorismo purtroppo non e’ sconfitto. Lo ha detto Franco Frattini, vice presidente della Commissione europea, intervistato oggi nel corso della trasmissione radiofonica “Baobab” in onda su Radiouno. Frattini ritiene che sia necessario l’impegno delle comunita’ islamiche affinche’ “contribuiscano a sradicare l’estremismo”. Queste premesse sono “assolutamente indispensabili” per “togliere l’alibi ai violenti e alle frange estremiste”.