Tributes Paid As Head Of Britain’s Largest Muslim Student Society Drowns

Tributes are being paid to the president of Britain’s largest Muslim student society after he drowned in a freak swimming accident in Switzerland last weekend. Bashir Osman had headed up the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS) since 2014, and had been visiting colleagues at a youth organisation for European Muslims. He had been swimming in a river in the Landquart District of Graubünden on Saturday, when a freak current swept him away.

A statement from FOSIS, which represents more than 115,000 students, read: “Bashir passed away in a drowning incident having fallen under rough waters for over 10 minutes. By the time the rescue services found him, he was pronounced dead at the scene.Bashir

Former president Omar Ali added: “He was a man who made everyone smile and laugh. He was a brother who cared for those around him. He was a Muslim who worked tirelessly to help humanity. He was an inspiration to the young and old all around the UK and Ireland. He had a unique ability to make so many feel special and hold a place in their heart for him.”

Loan Dilemma for Muslim Students in the UK


In light of changes to the tuition and student loan system in the UK, which lead to higher tuition fees and interest rates on loans, Muslim student groups are calling for a separate student loan system, as paying interest conflicts with some interpretations of Islamic (Sharia) law. This conflict may prevent some Muslims from applying for university – unless a scheme is in place allowing them to finance their studies in a way that is compatible with Islamic law. As the Independent reports, the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS) called the interest rate increase was a “pressing issue”. The Department of Business, Innovation and Skills is currently negotiating with student groups. However, so far, it is uncertain how this issue will be resolved.