Dutch Muslim intellectuals call on government to react to Geert Widers’ Film

Five Dutch Muslim intellectuals are asking the government to intervene on the planned release of a controversial anti-Islam film by Geert Widers. Farhad Golyardi, Faisal Mirza, Shervin Nekuee, Frank Sadiqqi, and Tariq Shadid have called on politicians to stop the release of the film, citing a total lack of effort on their end. The five released a statement citing that they believe it is time that a clear political line should be drawn between freedom of expression and incitement to hate. The five suggest are accusing the government of exploitation of xenophobia, and political cowardice.

Film Leads to Code Red Preparations

The release of a short film by Dutch right-wing parliamentarian Geert Wilders has led the Dutch government to prepare for extreme emergencies. Wilders, a fervent anti-Islam politician who has repeatedly called for a ban on the Koran as well as for extreme measures against fundamentalist Islam, has made a film about the Koran. Although the content of the film is not yet publicly known, the film is expected to stir emotions among Muslims in The Netherlands and possibly to provoke counter-reactions from anti-Muslim extremists (UN Observer).

Van Gogh Redux? Another Anti-Koran Film Stirs Up Holland

Deja vu in Holland: A Dutch politician plans to release a film that rips the Koran for promoting violence and intolerance. Politicians and Muslim leaders alike are afraid of a repeat of 2004, when filmmaker Theo van Gogh was murdered on the streets of Amsterdam. A Dutch politician’s plan to release a film that charges the Koran with promoting violence and intolerance has sparked controversy in the Netherlands. Government officials are distancing themselves from the project and stepping up security at home and at embassies abroad, while Muslim leaders fear that it could strain relations between the Dutch and their large Muslim immigrant population. Patrick McGroarty reports.