Belgian Police No Longer Allowed to Check Burqa Wearers

Male police officers are no longer allowed to check the identity of a woman wearing a burka. Only the few female officers of the police force may do so. This is laid down in a new directive which the Federal Police have issued to its staff. Senator Dirk Claes (Christian democrat) believes that as a consequence persons wearing burkas will no longer be checked. The police unions say the new rule was issued “so as not to provoke”. “Nevertheless, male officers should also be allowed to check the identity of women wearing burkas,” says Philip Van Hamme, the chairman of the NSVP [police union].

Belgian Broadcasters receive video terror threat

In a video received by Dutch broadcasters, terrorists threatened Belgium with “chaos, bloodshed, and atrocious attacks” in a DVD sent to several news editors. Three DVDs were sent to the Dutch broadcasters VRT and VTM, and the alternative, independent news website Indymedia.

The videos show three masked men against a background with Arabic writing. Two of the men were shown as armed, and the third as having a set of explosives tied around his chest. The videos were sent in an envelope with Al-Jazeera being indicated as the return address.

Federal Police are currently investigating the video and looking into whether it is authentic or possibly a joke, while still taking the tapes extremely seriously.

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