German radical converts may pose security threat, BKA claims

The Bundeskriminalamt/BKA (Federal Criminal Office) has disclosed information on 37 radical converts to Islam, living in various German cities. 11 of them are seen as “threatening” and 26 as “relevant persons”, among them three women. They are between 20 and 42 years old and suspected to plan terrorist attacks on Germany. The converts are believed to socialize in specific mosques, one of them the El-Kuds-Mosque in Hamburg, where some of the terrorists of 9/11 met.

German residents active in terror abroad

German officials fear that at least four Islamists from Germany were trained in terror camps on the Afghan-Pakistani border. According to Germany’s Federal Criminal Office, four men in their 20s are being trained to launch terror attacks in Germany, according to a report in the latest issue of German news magazine Der Spiegel. At the end of last year, 20-year-old Eric B., a German convert to Islam, and 23-year-old Houssain al-M., a stateless man of Lebanese origin, traveled to Pakistan via Dubai and Iran, the magazine said. They are believed to belong to a German cell of the Islamic Jihad Union, which had planned terror attacks in Germany last autumn. The cell was squashed and authorities arrested three suspects in September. The article notes that two more men who have disappeared from Germany are believed to be trained in terror camps. Twenty-five-year-old German national Salih S. from the state of Hesse vanished after leaving behind a letter to his family, saying that he would join the jihad. Another suspect, Cuneyt C., 28, cleared out his apartment in Bavaria and left for Pakistan, the report said. According to e-mails he sent, officials believe that he and his entire family are pursuing to become terrorists.