Neither Whores nor Submissives (NPNS) seeks new president

News Agencies – December 9, 2011

French feminist organization Ni Putes Ni Soumises (NPNS, Neither Whores nor Submissives) is seeking a new president to revitalize the organization. Jamila Alla and Asma Guenifi are the two candidates most likely to be elected as the new leader following meetings in Dourdan. Sihem Habchi has been president since 2007 having followed the group’s 2003 creator, Fadela Amara.

French Politicians Amara and Duflot respond to the quick halal controversy

In the wake of the Quick fast-food chain’s decision to offer halal meat products, French politicians Fadela Amara and Cécile Duflot weigh in that the complaints against the possibility are excessive. Amara explained that because as a private business Quick does not offer public services they should be able to sell whatever they please. The consumer can choose. The real problem, she added, is that “elites in this country don’t accept its diversity . . . secularism is respecting the practices of one another.” Duflot warned of Islamophobia: “No one is chocked that there’s a kosher Franprix [grocery store].”

Le Figaro points to a report on halal meats (see reports section of Euro-Islam website) which claims that 32 percent of meat prepared in French abattoirs is halal or kosher, and is sometimes sold as non-halal.

First witness in burqa commission in France calls for ban

Sihem Habchi appeared as the first witness before a newly created parliamentary group studying Islamic clothing such as burqas and niqabs in the Republic, part of France’s effort to integrate its growing Muslim population while preserving its heritage and secular roots.

The panel, chaired by Communist Party lawmaker André Gédron, will hold months of hearings before issuing a report, likely by January 2010. It has no power to draft laws but could recommend legislation restricting or banning women from wearing head-to-toe Islamic robes that mask facial features in public.

The panel was announced in June 2009. Habchi heads Ni Putes, Ni Soumises — Neither Whores, Nor Submissives — an outspoken group fighting to improve the lot of Muslim women and girls in suburban areas. The group’s founder Fadela Amara, now the government’s urban affairs minister, supports a ban on full-body veils. The parliamentary panel is also to hear from supporters of the veils, though the list of witnesses has not yet been completed, the panel said.

French Muslim Minister Fadela Amara wants the Burka banned

PARIS – A ban on the wearing of the burka in France would help stem the spread of the “cancer” of radical Islam, one of its female Muslim ministers has said.

Minister Fadela Amara told the Financial Times that a veil covering everything but the eyes represented “the oppression of women”. Ms Amara said she was “in favour of the burka not existing in my country”.

French Muslim Minister Fadela Amara wants the Burka banned

“The burka represents not a piece of fabric but the political manipulation of a religion that enslaves women and disputes the principle of equality between men and women – one of the founding principles of our republic.”

A ban on the wearing of the burka in France would help stem the spread of the “cancer” of radical Islam, one of its female Muslim ministers has said. Minister Fadela Amara claims that a veil covering everything but the eyes represented “the oppression of women”. Amara said she was “in favour of the burka not existing in my country”. The comments come as French MPs hold hearings on whether to ban the garment, which covers the body from head to toe.

Outcry after French Court Annuls Marriage Because Bride Not a Virgin

A ruling ending a Muslim couple’s union has stunned many in France and for some has raised new concerns about the country’s secular values. In its ruling in April the court concluded that the woman had misrepresented herself and that, in this particular marriage, virginity was a prerequisite. France’s Justice Minister Rachida Dati has since formally requested the public prosecutor’s office to appeal the Lille court ruling which annulled the 2006 union of two Muslims because the wife admitted to having lied about being a virgin. Many have denounced the court’s ruling as an affront to the legal equality of mean and women and as a violation of the woman’s privacy. Prime Minister Fran_ois Fillion stated that while he understood the reason for the judge’s ruling the case merited an appeal. Fadela Amara, minister in charge of the country’s suburbs and herself Muslim has called the ruling, a fatwa against the emancipation of women. Dati who herself had a marriage annulled in France that had been arranged by her family has, as of June 6, received a petition from 150 European deputies denouncing the dangerous precedent of the decision. Both the woman and the man in question are opposed to an appeal.

Fadela Amara considers herself as Muslim and Secular

The Secretary of State for Urban Policies (UMP), Fad_la Amara, also former president of Ni Putes, Ni Soumises (“Neither Whores, Nor Submissives“), in an interview published in the Algerian Daily Newspaper Al-Akhbar, declared herself as a “practicing Muslim“ and “secular in politics“.

French Minister Fadela Amara Takes on France’s Projects

On January 22, the French government unveiled a proposal to slash youth unemployment in high-immigrant suburbs. The plan’s architect, Urban Affairs Minister Fadela Amara, unveiled key proposals to local residents in Vaulx-en-Velin, a suburb of Lyon. She pledged to create 45,000 new jobs in areas where up to one in two black and Arab men are unemployed – compared to the national average of eight percent. Also part of the proposal was a plan to cut youth jobless rates by 40% in three years, promising tutors and internships available to students. Sarkozy will release details of the plan and funding on February 8th.

French plan for the suburbs runs into trouble

President Nicolas Sarkozy appeared to be at odds with outspoken urban affairs minister Fadela Amara, over the release of a master plan to help struggling youth in high-immigrant suburbs. The plan, which was promised by Sarkozy during his election campaign, was set to be unveiled in January 22nd in the Lyon suburb of Vaulx-en-Velin, but he said he planned to unroll his government’s proposals at the later date of early February, and perhaps in a different town. Amara responded that the change doesn’t affect anything, and an outline of the plan will be revealed as scheduled.

Urban affairs minister to unveil new plan for inner-cities

France’s urban affairs minister Fadela Amara will present a new plan aimed at tackling pressing problems facing the country’s poor, and high-immigrant suburbs, to be released on January 23rd. While details of the plan have not been revealed, it will reportedly contain measures to improve the quality of life – such as new jobs and training, for the large immigrant and immigrant-descended population in Paris’ suburbs.