Omar Bakri, a radical Muslim linked to Al-Qaeda, is threatening Spain with terrorist attacks.

7 October 2012


Bakri has said to a journalist of the newspaper 24 Chasa that Spain is a Muslim country like Romania, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo or Bosnia.
According to the Al-Qaeda agent born in Syria, which has banned from entering Britain since July 2005, any place that has always belonged to Islam, if it is “occupied” by infidels, that territory should be “freed “.
Spain, a decaying nation, is in the spotloght of the “radical” Muslims, who observe how the terror of ETA obtained political gains after decades of cold-blooded killings and car bombings.

Spain’s Crown Prince Praises All Who Fight Terrorism

Spain’s Crown Prince Filipe praised all who give “their vest efforts to fight terrorism and aid its victims” in a speech to the 5th International Congress of Terror Victims. The Congress was inaugurated in Medellin by Columbian President Alvaro Uribe, and first lady Lina Moeno, accompanied by the prince and his wife. Terrorism is a “problem of universal dimensions,” so that the response “must be international, with all united in fighting it while being aware of, assisting and aiding those who have been hurt the most. Our countries,” the prince said, “have suffered attacks by groups, organizations and even so-called ‘armies’ that practice terror and bring pain and mourning to millions of people,” Felipe said. Prince Felipe mentioned the terrorism that Spain has suffered and continues to suffer – namely Basque ETA, and Islamic terrorism, as the prince referenced the 2004 bombing of Madrid commuter trains.

Spain raises terrorism alert ahead of elections

Spain went on maximum terror alert on Thursday ahead of the start of official campaigning in the country, in what is turning out to be one of the most fiercely contested legislative election in decades. The interior minister said that the alert would provide for a total mobilization of security forces, monitoring party headquarters, election meetings, public transportation, and other public venues. The rise in the terror alert was attributed to fears of an attack by the armed Basque separatist group ETA, and correspondents also say the threat comes from Islamist militants. The outcome of the last general election held in 2004 was altered by the morning bombings of packed commuter trains three days prior to the elections.

Spanish press mulls bombings verdict

As the verdicts were delivered in the Madrid bombing trial, Spanish newspapers focus on the political capital that the government and opposition are believed to have made from the situation. Several newspapers highlight that the court ruled out any involvement by the ETA in the bombings. The Popular party, which was the rling party at the time, initially blamed the Basque separatist group for the attacks. At least one of the papers notes that the court avoided linking the Madrid bombings to the Iraq war, whereas the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party has maintained the belief that there was a connection.

Court blames the 11-M Islamist cell, pulls away ETA and dismisses all false information supported by the PP

The sentence signed today by the judges of the National Hearing, Fernando Garc_a Nicol_s, Alfonso Guevara and Javier G_mez Berm_dez, deliberated that the 11-M attacks were perpetrated by an Islamist cell with the help of an ex-mine worker. The mine-worker, named Jos_ Emilio Su_rez Trashorras, is believed to have facilitated the theft of explosives from a mine in the region of Asturias, used to make the bombs used in the attacks. Jamal Zougam and Otman El Gnaoui were condemned as for their material invovlvement, and Jos_ Emilio Su_rez Trashorras was condemned as an accessory.