‘Pack’ of teens sentenced for blinding devout Muslim

Four teens who brutally attacked a Muslim man on his way to prayers and left him blind in one eye were jailed this week. Albanian-born Ergys Mekshi, 18, of Norbury, Matthew Burch, 18, of Morden, Jack Harris, 18, of Mitcham, and Luke Delaney, 17, of Banstead attacked Imran Gaba “like a pack”, Inner London Crown Court heard last Friday. Mr Gaba was bottled as he walked to Norbury Islamic Academy along Greyhound Lane, Streatham, in the early hours of June 24 last year. The incident on CCTV was captured by a shop. The teens had left a nightclub when they approached the 24-year-old victim with Delaney strucking him in the face with a beer bottle and a shard of glass from the bottle went into his mouth, causing him to lose a tooth. Harris and Mekshi then punched and kicked him, before running off, leaving Mr Gaba dazed and defenceless. But his ordeal was not over. When Burch approached the victim, Mekshi encouraged the others to return and they circled him once more. Burch punched Mr Gaba and Delaney struck him again with the broken bottle, causing him excruciating pain. The group left Mr Gaba in a pool of blood, just about able to phone 999. He was left blind in one eye with a deep wound in his cheek and a nose fracture.http://www.themuslimweekly.com/newsdetails/fullstoryview.aspx?NewsID=262D75BE37DDF56EE53EB4BE&MENUID=HOMENEWS&DESCRIPTION=UK%20News