26% of the Spanish citizens admit to fear Muslim people

November 5, 2013


The 26 % of the Spanish people addmit to fear Muslims, so says the preliminary data from a study to be released shortly by the La Caixa Foundation on social life of municipalities with a high percentage of immigrants .

The main conclusion is that ” the economic crisis did not worsen the living in the territories of high diversity,” unlike what happened in other European countries, where expressions of xenophobia have multiplied,” although there is a slight deterioration of the coexistence in some aspects, especially regarding some attitudes towards immigration.”


El Mundo: http://www.elmundo.es/espana/2013/11/05/5279015061fd3de7188b4578.html

A report by the BBVA Foundation states that 70% of the Spanish population think that Muslims are not well integrated in the Spanish society

El Mundo, February 4, 2011

The findings of the macro-Transatlantic Trends: Immigration 2010 that, annually, the German Marshall Fund of the United States conducts in eight countries (in Spain, in collaboration with the BBVA Foundation) state that Spain is one of the “most critical” with the migration phenomenon, together with Italy and the U.S. (although not as relentless as the UK). 54% of respondents believe migrants are adapting well to Spanish customs, compared with 40% saying no. Concerning Muslims, 70% of the respondents argued that Muslim foreigners are integrating in a difficult way in Spanish society, compared to only 21% which state that they coexist normally with the Spanish. According to the report, of the eight countries polled, Spain is the one with more negative perceptions in relation to this group. Respondents are welcome to immigrant children and adolescents (78% are considered integrated), but not so welcome to young Muslims: only 42% considers they are well integrated.