Catholics and Muslims dialogue in a Lyon suburb

New dialogue between Catholics and Muslims has begun in some suburbs outside of Lyon. Several Catholic priests expressed enthusiasm about these encounters as most suburbanites are Muslim; approximately 2 percent of the population goes to church regularly. The gatherings attempt to make theological and practical commonalities evident.

Jewish and Muslim congregations visit one another outside of Toronto

“I’ve never been inside a synagogue, so I didn’t know what to expect,” said Imaan Javeed, 14, a member of the Islamic Foundation of Toronto (IFT). He was one of the 250 members of Congregation Darchei Noam and the IFT who took part in a Jewish-Muslim twinning weekend for the first time.

This is the second year more than 100 North American Jewish and Muslim congregations have visited each other’s places of worship. For Darchei Noam and IFT, it started at the Sheppard Ave. W. synagogue on Friday, with prayers to begin the sabbath.