Closure of prayer room in the University of East Anglia upsets Muslim students

11 June 2012


British Muslims have always expressed their displeasure for their situation in the British Higher education system. Unlike other religious groups such as Christians and Jews who have mostly found their place in the system due to their long history in Britain, Muslim students have always found it difficult to live in the system that at best tries to tolerate rather than welcome them. Thus, most of the time there is a lack of basic services including prayer facilities in the campus.


In a recent example of this, the University of East Anglia decided to close their prayer room which in return received negative reactions from the Muslim students.

University Course in Women, Islam and the Media


The University of East Anglia has developed a degree module to teach students about women, Islam and the media – topics, which are often found in close conjunction, but, as the Guardian notes, “not always in the happiest of circumstances”. The module with cover a variety of “inflammatory” topics, including veil wearing, arranged marriage and “honour” crimes. A particular focus is on the representation of Muslim women in the media and how this reflects biases in both the east and west. By offering the course, the convenor is hoping to challenge stereotypes often associated with Islam.

UK Muslims suffer growing suspicion

A recent poll showing that Britons are the most suspicious about Muslims unnerved the sizable Muslim minority in the UK. LONDON – The latest Financial Times opinion poll which showed that Britons are the most suspicious about Muslims has unnerved the sizable Muslim minority in the European country, the second largest on the continent. “I would happily send my children to a Muslim school, but I know my wife wouldn’t,” David Flisher from Ipswich, a non-metropolitan district in the peninsula of East Anglia in eastern England, told IslamOnline.