16 Year Old From Netherlands Apprehended Travelling to Syria

May 17 2013


A tip from Dutch security service AIVD led police to stop a 16-year-old girl from leaving the Netherlands to fight in Syria, according to NRC. A police spokesperson says the teenager was stopped in connection with an investigation into people actively recruiting youth to join armed struggle in Syria. The AIVD said earlier this year that some 100 Dutch youth have left the country to take part in “Jihadist missions”, though police confirm that “we know of only six who are definitely in Syria.”


Dutch football club wants fewer immigrants

Quick 1888, an amateur football club in the town of Nijmegen is taking steps to cap the number of ethnic minority players on the team. Those supporting the cap claim white players do not feel at home and that minority parents do not provide sufficient volunteer support for the club. The club wants to reduce the number of minority players to 50%, down from a current 80% of players who have an ethnic minority background. Provincial parliamentarian Toine van Bergen stated that he feels the club’s subsidies should be suspended if they carry through with the cap.

Jihad and Families

A research report submitted to the Dutch parliament this week recommended the government counter Islamic radicalization by promoting marriage and family life. The study by the national intelligence service analyzed data on 22 men who were committed to jihad in the past but had since stopped. The service emphasizes the importance of a job and family, as opposed to the effect of “ideological contra-messages,” in countering violent intentions.

Growing number of ethnic Dutch in Limburg converting to Islam

A growing number of ethnic Dutch youth in Limburg are converting to Islam. According to different Muslim organizations, over the past three years, on hundred men and women had converted in the province of Limburg alone. According to the Limburg Islamic Council, mostly seek very orthodox Islamic movements. These range from youth studying, and alter converting to Islam, girls marrying Muslim men and then convert, and highly educated professionals. The president of the Limburg Islamic Council said that he is aware of the _trend’ of conversion among ethnic Dutch youth, but does not want to speak of a _large movement’ – yet confirms that the number of converts has risen in the last few years.