More Minority Lawyers Needed in Netherlands

27 June 2011

A Dutch lawyers’ association has announced its intention to encourage more ethnic minority students to become lawyers. The subject is a common topic of study among Dutch students with Turkish and Moroccan backgrounds but have tended to work as legal aids, while law firms remain ‘white bastions’. To address the situation, two hundred students at Dutch universities will receive specialized training in building careers n the legal profession.

Turkish Dutch Students Should “Learn About Honor Murder”

March 14 2011

Turkish Dutch students should learn about domestic violence and honor murder in elementary school, according to Turkish labour union HTIB and Chairman Mustafa Ayranci. According to the Telegraaf, the chairman suggested this education would lead to changing “the mentality among all Turks”. Amsterdam alderman for Diversity and Integration Andree van Es commented in response to Sp!ts that while there has already been some improvement, “the Turkish community is still closed off”.

Dutch students: Grant reform will negatively impact muslims

In advance of this week’s federal elections, Dutch student unions spoke to the Telegraaf about the potential effects of study grant reform in the country. Practicising Muslim students will be hit hard if the new cabinet replaces the current student grants with a system based on student loans. Student unions explained that Muslim students’, who account for approximately 13% of higher education students, belief stop them from paying interest on student loans.

Increase in ethnic clashes in schools

According to data from the education inspection, immigrant and ethnic Dutch students are experiencing an increase in fighting and conflict in schools. In secondary schools, 40% experienced such conflict – a 10% compared to just tow years ago. Ethnic conflicts occurred between students in almost 250 Dutch secondary schools, and fighting, discrimination, and problems with far-right ‘Lonsdale youth’ occur more frequently in vocational and technical students.