Ayaan Hirsi Ali Publishes on Threat to Christians in Muslim Majority Countries

6 Feb 2012

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somalian refugee who served as a Member of the Dutch Parliament, has published an article in Newsweek detailing the threat which Christians face in Muslim countries. Hirsi Ali asserts that “the conspiracy of silence about the violent expression of religious intolerance must stop”, condemning Western governments and media for ‘forgetting’ the about the persecution of Christians in Muslim countries in the wake of the Arab spring.

Although Hirsi Ali is no longer a politician in the Netherlands, media in the country addressed the Newsweek article ad considered Hirsi Ali’s position with respect to recent comments by Dutch politician Frits Bolkestein and political scientist Hala Naoum Nehme, as well as considering the Dutch Foreign Ministry’s human rights policy with respect to religious minorities.

Dutch Parliament Votes to Ban Ritual Slaughter

28 June 2011

The Dutch parliament voted in favour of banning kosher and halal slaughter of animals, following debate which saw considerable resistance from Jewish and Muslim communities. The ban contains an exception such that groups able to prove that animals do not suffer comparatively more during ritual slaughter than standard methods will be permitted to continue with halal and kosher methods. While several MPs voed against the ban on religious grounds, it passed in parliament 116 to 30. The story received considerable coverage internationally.

Ritual Slaughter of Animals to Continue in Netherlands

The Dutch Parliament has terminated efforts by the country’s animal rights party (PvdD) to ban the ritual slaughter of animals without anaesthetic. MPs announced that religious freedoms were more important. The news is of relevance to both Jewish and Muslim communities in the country, and their ritual slaughter of cows, chickens, sheep and goats.

More Immigrants Sit in Dutch Parliament

Following national elections, a study published by the Centre for Political Participation (IPP) shows that the percentage of immigrant parliamentarians has increased slightly compared to 2006. The percentage of non-Western immigrants in parliament now sites at 10.7%, (16 people) up from 8% (12 people) in previous elections.

Fitna’ Debated in Dutch Parliament: Wilders Denies Softening Film after Pressure

Dutch politician Geert Wilders came under attack over his controversial film “Fitna” during a rowdy debate in the Netherlands’ parliament Monday. Ministers claimed that Wilders had toned down the original version of the film. Geert Wilders had originally planned to include footage of pages being torn out of the Koran and burned in his film Fitna, ministers said yesterday during a rowdy debate in parliament. Justice minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin used the debate to make public confidential notes taken during meetings between himself, Wilders, home affairs minister Guusje ter Horst and the Dutch anti-terrorism coordinator in October and November last year.http://www.spiegel.de/international/europe/0,1518,545002,00.html

Dutch MPs Hit Out At Anti-Semitic Arab Television

AMSTERDAM — Immigration and Integration Minister Rita Verdonk promised the Dutch Parliament Thursday the government would raise the issue of anti-Semitic broadcasts with Arab countries. A majority of parliamentarians voiced concerns that the Netherlands is being flooded with anti-Semitic propaganda by Arab television stations popular with Middle Eastern immigrants.