Dutch Court Blocks US Extradition of Al-Qaeda Suspect

23 July 2013


A Dutch court has blocked the extradition of Dutch-Pakistani Al-Qaeda suspect to the US, on the grounds of unanswered questions regarding the US role in his alleged torturer in Pakistan. Without proof that the US was not involved in his alleged torture, extradition is illegal.

The man is accused in the US of planning to commit acts of terror, including a suicide attack in Afghanistan in 2010. The 26 year old says that the US played a role in what he says was his torture in Pakistan following his arrest.

Al Qaeda Suspect to be Extradited to US from Netherlands

26 February 2013


Sabir Khan, a Dutch Pakistani al-Qaeda suspect, is to be extradited to the United States, where he is accused of planning acts of terror. The decision follows a decision by Netherlands Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten in December to extradite Khan. Khan’s lawyers attempted to overturn on the ground that his extradition to face five terror-related charges would breach the European Convention on Human Rights preventing torture as well as break Dutch law. Khan has been in the Netherlands since April 2011. Khan’s lawyer has announced he will now take the case to the European Court of Human Rights.

Terror Suspect Will Not Be Extradited To US

A Dutch-Pakistani terror suspect will not be immediately extradited to the US, justice minister Ivo Opstellen has announced. Sabir K., who according to the US worked with al-Qaida in planning attacks, initially lost an appeal against extradition which was then overturned by Opstellen. The extradition has been denied based on the 26 year old’s medical condition, as he is suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome and depression. The extradition will not be granted unless the US authorities agree to treat him for these afflictions.

Terror Suspect in Netherlands Loses Extradition Appeal

17 April 2012


A Dutch-Pakistani man under suspicion for planning an attack against US military personnel in Afghanistan has lost an extradition appeal to the US. The 25 year old was arrested in 2011 in Pakistan and sent to the Netherlands, and a Rotterdam court found in favour of the extradition. The latest appeal was to the supreme court: a final decision on extradition will be taken by the Netherlands’ justice minister. The US accuses him of working with al-Qaeda in planning the attacks.