Dutch Muslim news paper to publish glossy of the prophet Muhammed

The Dutch Muslims new paper called Moslimkrant has announced that it will publish a glossy on the Prophet Muhammed. The Muslim news paper writes: “The glossy magazine Muhammed will be about the different faces of Muhammed. Muhammed the husband and father, the general and strategist, the trader and merchant, the strict protector of norms and the emphatic bon vivant, just and charitable. Muhammed was all of them.”

The reason for the making this glossy by the Dutch Muslim newspaper are the continuing misconceptions and minimal knowledge on the Prophet, according to the main editor Brahim Bourzik. “In 63 full color pages articles explain the relationship of the Prophet’s various roles and the current dilemma’s and people in today’s Nethelands. Additionally the glossy Mohammed will provide recipes for delicious meals inspired by the live of the Prophet. They will be liked by Dutch people of all colors, Muslims and non-Muslims!” the editor stated.

The publication is aimed to be during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

An interview on the glossy Mohammed can be seen via this link (in Dutch): http://www.republiekallochtonie.nl/moslimkrant-maakt-glossy-magazine-over-profeet-mohammed

Dutch benefit event “radical” Muslims in Utrecht cancelled

A benefit event organized by the Dutch Muslim organization World Wide Relief in Party Centre Luxury in the Dutch city of Utrecht was cancelled by the centre. Spokesperson of Party Centre Luxury Gino Shaho stated that it was not known that “radical Muslims” would attend the benefit event.

The organization World Wide Relief organized a similar event last year were they collected money for Palestine, Birma, and South-Morocco. But at that event no speakers were invited. Among others, this years event would feature two controversial Muslim preachers, the saudi shaykh Assim al-Hakeem and the Dutch convert Abdul-Jabbar van der Ven.

The management of the party centre was not in tune with the perceived political implications of the event. According to Shado World Wide Relief has reacted in an understanding way.

Questions have been asked about the event by members of the Dutch parliament. Earlier this week Minister of Foreign Affairs Bert Koenders retracted the visa for three imams that were to attend a similar event in the Dutch municipality of Rijswijk. The parliamentary members wanted to know if visas were also extended to the guests at the event in Utrecht.

Dutch Muslim organization wants ban on demonstration Pro-Patria

The Contact Organization for Muslims and Government (CMO) has emphatically requested the Mayor of the Dutch city of Gouda Milo Schoenmaker to forbid a demonstration by the extreme right organization Pro Patria (English: For the Fatherland). The CMO stated it has received many phone calls by concerned Muslims. Spokesperson Yassin Elforkani said a counter-demonstration was also planned.

Mayor Milo Schoenmaker has decided to allow the Pro Patria demonstration. The extreme right organization stated it is combating Muslim extremist through these demonstrations.

“After the announcement that the demonstration will take place we received a lot of phone calls from Muslims who fear an escalation will take place. I’ve already seen a flyer with a call for a counter-demonstration,” Elforkani said. “It might also be that the action group Identitair Verzet (English: Indentitary Resistance) will take part in the demonstration. The activists belonging to this extreme right group occupied a Dutch mosque earlier this month (http://www.volkskrant.nl/binnenland/moslimorganisaties-bang-na-bezette-moskee-leiden~a3847209/).

“We are very much for the freedom of expression but we are worries about the societal tensions. Therefore we ask the Mayor to take his responsibility,” the spokesperson said. The municipality has announced it is waiting for an official request by the CMO.

“Deradicalization” Process Offered to Dutch Muslim Fighters Returning from Syria

November 8, 2013


Following press coverage about Dutch Muslims traveling to Syria to join armed struggle, television programme EenVandaag reports on the fate of those who return to the Netherlands. The Dutch Muslim fighters who have to date returned from Syria have not been arrested and prosecuted but have been given a job or course and accommodation.

An estimated 20 men have returned from Syria and have been taken up in ‘deradicalization’ courses on return to the Netherlands. The program involves finding the men training and jobs, and arranging homes for them if necessary.

The Netherlands is thus diverging from Belgium, where returning fighters are immediately arrested and prosecuted.


NIS Newshttp://www.nisnews.nl/returning-jihadists-not-arrested-but-helped.html

Sixth Dutch Muslim Dies in Syria

20 September 2013


An 18 year old man fighting with rebel forces in Syria has become the sixth Dutch person to be killed in the conflict. Soufyan el H, who told his parents he was going to work in a hospital, was shot in the head during a gun battle with government forces.

According to the Volkskrant newspaper, officials estimate between 50 and 100 Dutch Muslims have travelled to Syria to join the conflict, but Muslim community sources place the number higher.

Dutch Muslims Polled for Support of Youth Fighting in Syria

May 29 2013


Dutch television show Altijd Wat  has broadcast a poll stating that almost 75% of Dutch Muslims consider youth  travelling to Syria to fight against Assad’s regime to be heroes. The show’s publicity states “In general, Dutch Muslims consider the Syria fighters to be doing what the UN is failing to do, which is battling president Assad’s regime”.

By contrast, “70% of the native Dutch population say they are not heroes”, according to ANP.


Poll Background:

The Altijd Wat program is based on research by Motivaction, a research firm based in the Netherlands. Motivaction conducted an poll measuring opinions about the civil war in Syria and Dutch Muslims who travel to Syria to fight (“Syrie-gangers”) The opinion poll canvassed 370 Dutch Muslim and 570 ethnic Dutch individuals for their opinions.

The poll found a great difference in opinions between Dutch Muslims who tended to believe that those traveling to Syria were in accordance with the UN call to act, while ethnic Dutch respondents had much less strong feelings about the war.

Other conclusions in the research include:
-Dutch Muslims are more concerned about events in Syria and want the Assad regime to end as soon as possible.

-The majority of Dutch Muslims approve of the Dutch fight alongside Muslims in Syria; most ethnic Dutch are not in favour.

-Most Dutch Muslims support providing humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees in Turkey.

-Dutch Muslims are more likely than ethnic Dutch to support the provision of weapons to insurgents.

-Ethnic Dutch are more strictly against Muslims traveling to Syria than Dutch Muslims.

-Ethnic Dutch feel recruiters should be punished.


Netherlands Threat From Jihad Remains Limited

19 December 2012
The potential threatening impact of jihadist activity on the Netherlands remains “limited and indirect”, according to the National Terrorist Threat Assessment provided to the country’s House of Representatives. The main source of terrorist threat faced by the country remains jihad, with the report mentioning conditions in Syria, Egypt and Mali as potential sites of international concern. The Assessment also addresses the possibility of threat within Europe and the Netherlands, noting that the “social assertiveness of the Dutch people – including Dutch Muslim communities – against extremism is as strong as ever.”
Netherlands Security

Dutch Muslim Response to Innocence of Islam

25 September 2012


Response to the movie Innocence of Islam among Dutch Muslim communities has not had a strong public presence. Two peaceful demonstrations occurred on the city. On Friday September 15 the women’s organization Cleopatra organized a protest to the movie at Amsterdam’s Dam Square. On Sunday  a group of about 50 people gathered at the Museumplein near the American consulate, under the instigation of the Islamic organization Behind Bars. Both demonstrations were peaceful, with the police and consulate informed in advance.

A spokesperson for Sharia4Holland spoke out against the film, predicting further protests. However the outspoken comments from this group have remained marginal. In contrast the most publicly visible Muslim voice responding to the movie has been a statement from Rotterdam’s Muslim mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb. Speaking to RTV Rijnmond Aboutaleb said Muslims should not take the controversial film too seriously, commenting that demonstrations are acceptable so long as they do not get out of hand. The mayor sees no reason to block the film on YouTube and noted, “You can always make your own film on YouTube as a response.”

Dutch Muslim Party Dissolves

25 June 2012


The Dutch Muslim Party (NMP) has dissolved, following the resignation of leaders Henny Kreeft and Jacques Visser. The two men, converts to Islam, started the party in 2007 with the purpose of decreasing the gap between Muslims and non-Muslims. The party had little electoral success, winning no seats in the 2010 federal elections, with 0.5% of the vote. The party dissolved because “the time is not ripe for a Muslim party in parliament”, ANP reports.

Dutch Muslim Party Clarifies it Does Not Want to Ban Dogs

30 January 2012

The Islam Democrat Party in the Hague has clarified that it does not want to ban dog ownership in the city. During a debate one week earlier fraction head Hasan Kucuk commented that he found it ‘pitiful’ that dogs are sometimes shut in an apartment for 23 hours a day, leading to speculation that the party wanted to introduce a ban on dog ownership.