Dutch Moroccan Youth Overrepresented in Crime Statistics

Researchers for the Tijdschrift voor Criminologie (Journal of Criminology) claim
this week that over half of Dutch Moroccan youths have come into contact with
the police: some 54% of young Dutch Moroccan men, compared with 23% of
young men in the country overall.
The research report was picked up by several newspapers offering differing
commentaries on the results. Dutch News notes that the research does not
indicate how frequently police contact resulted in charges and convictions. The
NIS News, on the other hand, reports that more than half of the Dutch Moroccan
youths “have committed one or more crimes before they reached the age of 22”.
The researchers do not conclude why Dutch Moroccan youth are
overrepresented in crime statistics. They suggest that low socioeconomic status
and cultural factors may play a role, as well as citing Belgian research indicating
that police are more likely to question immigrant youths than white natives.

Hockey Academy for Dutch Moroccan Youth

A Hockey Academy is to be established in Amsterdam for young unemployed
Dutch Moroccans. The training is intended for those aged 17-26 who have
no work, in order to train them for a future with the Moroccan hockey team.
Full time training occurs for 5-6 hours a day, 5 days a week. Ultimately, the
initiative aims to create a Moroccan hockey team to participate in international
tournaments, as Morocco is not yet a part of the African Hockey Federation.