Update: Dutch Football Club ‘Coup’ Investigated

Haaglandenvoetbal.nl has investigated and debunked claims by the former treasurer of the GSC ESDO football club that the board faced a ‘coup’ by Moroccan Dutch members. According to its investigation, Moroccan football players joined the club several years ago and ensured an increase in the membership – which prevented the termination of the rental contract – and also made the club more competitive. “More people came to watch the game, and members from the Moroccan community announced their candidacy for board members. These candidates did well for the club, spoke fluent Dutch (some were born in the Netherlands), and were active in social issues”.

The new board was voted in during a general meeting on November 2009, a month after the former board broke up. As the new board says on their website, every member was able to apply for the vacant positions. The report also discredits claims by that alcohol will no longer be served at the club, and notes that they “were present when several of the old-time ethnic Dutch members’ were thanked for their efforts” on the board and given gifts for their efforts in the recent season.

Dutch Football Club Faces “Moroccan Coup”

The GSC Esdo football club in the Hague is facing controversy following what former members have called a “Moroccan coup”. 52 ethnic Dutch members left the club after
a general members meeting in which an almost completely Moroccan board (except for one member) was elected, due to a massive turnout by Moroccan members.
Former board members claimed that the atmosphere of the club has changed completely since the appointment of the new board. The board confirms that four
teams have resigned from the club. Secretary Mohamed Talhoui commented, “Why they’ve gone, I don’t know, but maybe they didn’t feel comfortable any more at the club”.