Prayer in the streets not an issue in Strasbourg, France

December 22, 2010
The Muslim community in Strasbourg is waiting for the inauguration of its large mosque, expected in 2011 after several years of construction. The president of the Regional Council of the Muslim Faith, Driss Ayachour, notes that “to my knowledge, there aren’t any issues, with the exception of certain holidays when the prayer space is not sufficient, which means that people extend out into the street.”

Fire Damages Mosque in Haguenau, Outside of Strasbourg, France

Liberation – November 18, 2010

Driss Ayachour, president of the Regional Council of the Alsatian Muslim Faith has requested calm following a fire at a mosque in Haguenau, 30 kilometers outside of Strasbourg. A fire in a garbage can was pushed against the door of the building and the prayer hall was damaged. An investigation is underway.

Muslim cemetery opens in France

France’s first Muslim cemetery has opened in Strausbourg. Roland Ries, mayor of Strasbourg, will sign the contract for the cemetery with Mohamed Moussaoui, President of the French Council for the Muslim Faith and Driss Ayachour, President of the Regional Council of the Muslim Faith.

In 1973, spaces for those who wished to be buried in the Muslim tradition were created within existing cemeteries in Strausbourg. But as more Muslims migrated to the area, needs outgrew the space.

In 2003 the town’s Conseil of Muslims proposed a plan to create an all-Muslim cemetery, but it was not until summer 2008 when Roland Ries put together a working group that real progress was made to make it happen.

Ries worked together with representatives of Muslim associations in the town: Deputy Mayor Delegate of the civil state Anne-Pernelle Richardot, and Deputy Delegate of Culture Olivier Bitz to create a plan. Eighteen months later, a contract was drawn up and was signed on Wednesday, October 7.

Rules and regulations governing the space are similar to those used for cemeteries of other religions. Care for graves/tombs will rest with the families.