Health agency encourages immigrants to become organ donors

The National Transplant Organization (NTO) is reminding Muslims that Islam allows for adherents to engage in organ donation. The ministry put into motion a campaign to promote a culture of donation and transplant among immigrant communities in Spain. The slogan of the campaign – your heart knows no color or culture along with information published in Spanish, French, English, Romanian, Chinese, and Arabic, are meant to reach members of Spanish population and make them feel more comfortable about donating organs of loves ones. The NTO also cites a verse in the Quran to reach out to Spanish Muslims… And that whoever saved a life, would be as if he saved the lives of all mankind.

Muslims Donate for Hungry Americans

By Abderrazak Mrabet RALEIGH, North Carolina – The Muslim American Society (MAS) has launched a nationwide campaign to encourage Muslims to donate food and money to help feed fellow hungry Americans, regardless of their faith. “It’s our way of showing the community that we care about everyone and that Allah loves everyone, Muslims and non-Muslims,” Allyson Swelam, the head of the outreach committee in MAS Raleigh chapter, told Muslims are encouraged to donate canned food, nonperishable items as well as money to provide fresh meat. Donation boxes were made available at local mosques and Islamic schools. “All donations are going directly to low income people who live under the poverty line,” said Allyson. She asserted that the response of the Muslim community was good, especially that this is the first time to conduct such a campaign. “I think this is a good start and we already met our target as far as the cost of the meat that we pre-ordered.”