Website links Martyrdom and Massacres

The Austrian Liberal Muslim Initiative (ILMÖ) has declared the Islamic website “dangerous,” resulting from the website’s definition of “jihad” as a type of martyrdom in Islam which is not only found on the battlefield, but also through the massacre of civilians.

The Federal office for the protection of the constitution and combating terrorism admits that the website in question is under surveillance, however legally there has not yet been a reason to intervene. The website gives no information as to who the contributors are, though it does say that its goal is to spread knowledge about Islam in German. The owner of the website did not respond to telephone calls from Der Standard.

Presidential candidate: No abortions, no minarets

Rudolf Gehring, president of the Christian Party of Austria, has stated that were he to be elected president he would not permit any further construction of minarets in the country. “There are already prayer spaces; there is no need for minarets,” he said in an interview with Der Standard, before making allusion to the militant character of Islam, and its beginnings as a religion connected with violence.