U.S. Citizens Question Terror Watch Lists: “No-Fly” And “No-Drive” Lists Hold Up Americans Crossing The Nation’s Borders

Toledo, Ohio native Zak Reed is tired of being stopped and detained at the Canadian border every time he tries to drive home. Reed, who converted to Islam ten years ago is on the Terrorism Watch List administered by the Department of Homeland Security. He is stopped and detained routinely for no reason, as are many other Americans. The government will not share who is on the list, although there are approximately 300,000 individuals and 800,000 names including aliases.

Final two L.A. 8 defendants cleared; After 20 years, U.S. drops efforts to deport men accused of ties to Palestinian terrorists.

Ending a controversial 20-year campaign to expel immigrants because of their ties to alleged Palestinian terrorists, the federal government has agreed to drop attempts to deport the final two defendants in the L.A. 8 case. The Board of Immigration Appeals on Tuesday dismissed all charges against Khader M. Hamide and Michel I. Shehadeh, who had faced deportation proceedings since 1987, and approved a settlement submitted by the men’s lawyers and the Department of Homeland Security, according to documents made public Wednesday….