Advance Reviews of Dutch Politician Geert Wilders’ New Book

21 April 2012


The new book by right wing politician Geert Wilders, Marked for Death, Islam’s War Against the West and Me, though not yet officially released, has started receiving reviews from journalists who have seen advanced copies. The book claims to tell Wilders’ story of his “fight for the right to speak what he believes; namely that Islam is not just a religion but primarily a dangerous ideology which is a threat to Western freedoms”. A review from Vrij Nederland notes that there is little personal content from Wilders in the book, while magazine HP/De Tijd recaps Wilders’ account of being robbed by “three Arab youths”.  In the book Wilders does not mention prime minister Mark Rutte but repeatedly draws connections to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and emphasizes his admiration for former US president Ronal Regan.

The reviews come as Wilders makes headlines for political upheaval in the country, as the politician withdrew key support for the ruling minority government this week, prompting prime minister Rutte to resign and the installation of a caretaker minority government.

Immigrant unemployment statistics among immigrants in Flanders

The number of immigrants among the unemployment numbers has gone up in the past ten years. In 1999, Belgians of immigrant origin and non-EU citizens comprised 11.4% of all registered unemployed job-seekers. In 2007, these numbers have increased to 16.9%, according to data provided by VDAB (Flemish Public Employment Service) and reported by De Tijd. However, De Tijd also reports that unemployment by immigrant youth in 13 major Flemish cities has gone down 38% over the past two years. According to VDAB statistics, unemployment among all immigrants has gone down since 2005, but the drop was less than the overall unemployment drops.