The Judge Maintains the Complaint of Public Disorder on the Cordoba Mosque

November 4, 2010

An incident happened in the mosque between Muslim worshippers and the guards employed by the Cordoba mosque, during the past holy week (April 2010)
The judge has issued a decree maintaining the complaint of public disorder. The judge sees evidences of assault against public authority, but has dismissed the charges of an offense against religious freedom.

Cordoba Mosque incident was an isolated anecdote

Both representatives of the government and local socialist leaders have referred to the Cordoba Mosque incident as unusual, and not at all representative of the intentions of the Muslims living in Spain. According to the quoted authorities there is no fear of repetition of the situation.

International scandal about five Muslim architectural fragments

Two years ago, five Muslim architectural fragments coming from the Cordoba Mosque were to be auctioned at Christie’s. After the scandal was publicized, the fragments were returned to the mosque. Now, a similar event takes place from the Azahara Mosque, and pieces are going to be auctioned with the knowledge of local cultural authorities.