Update: Councillor Fired for Slurs to Retain Provincial Council Sea

17 January 2012


Cor Bosman, fired from the anti-Islam PVV party last week for referring to a colleague as “a piece of sicked up halal meat made from a Turkish pig”, has retained his seat in the provincial council of Limburg. While Bosman was thrown out of the PVV he has announced that he will start his own party, standing in the provincial council as the only member of his Party for Quality of Life and Democracy

Dutch Provincial Councilor Fired for Insulting Comments About Turkish Colleague

13 January 2012

A provincial councilor for the anti-Islam PVV in Limburg has been fired from the party for his comments describing a member of the Labour party as “a piece of sicked-up halal meat made from a Turkish pig”, Dutch News reports. Cor Bosman made the comment in an email a year ago, which was leaked to the local press last week. Bosman, who told reporters he had not been formally informed of the decision, said that he had meant the email to be sarcastic. The PVV is the biggest party in the province, holding 20% of the vote.