Arabic version of constitution to aid immigrants

The Catholic charity ‘Caritas’ has plans to present an Arabic translation of the Italian constitution, in a bid to help immigrants integrate in Southern Italian towns. Caritas has plans to distribute the translated constitution to office, schools, and public abodes in the city of Agrigento, in southern Sicily. “Immigrants are welcome in our country, but they have a duty to respect Italian laws. We have translated the constitution to increase immigrants’ awareness of the laws that govern civic life in Italy,” said local Caritas’ director, Vito Scilabra.

Mosque to open ‘citizenship school’ for immigrants

Immigrants living near the mosque in the northern Italian town of Sesto Calende will be able to attend a citizenship course every Tuesday night to learn about Italian history, the principals of the Italian constitution, and labor laws in the country. The project is a pilot experience part of a wider project known as Open City which is being promoted by the Italian Recreational and Cultural Association of Milan. The imam of the mosque is expected to participate in the course along with members of the Islamic association and community. The point of the school is nothing other than to inform the immigrants of the fundamental institutions, ethics and laws of the society that is hosting them, with the hope that this will help familiarize them with the concept of a society that is Western, secular and plural,” said Suleiman La Spina, a mosque representative.