Spanish Jihadists in Syria

January 15, 2014


A total of 17 jihadists, most of them residents in Ceuta, have traveled from Spain to Syria to fight in the ongoing civil war has revealed the Real Instituto Elcano. For this reason, the Spanish National Intelligence Center (CNI) has been in contact with representatives of the Syrian regime of Bashar Al Assad to request information on these citizens who have moved to Syria to fight the war, given the risk that they may return to their country and turn into a threat.


La Informacion War (In Spanish):

The National Intelligence Center (CNI) orders the expulsion of a Muslim leader

12 May 2013

The National Intelligence Center (CNI) has ordered the expulsion from Spain of the Moroccan and Muslim leader Noureddin Ziani for threat on national security. Ziani is, according to Al Pais, helping the Democratic Convergence of Catalonia (CDC) in their appeal to the independence of the numerous Islamic communities of Catalonia”. The director of CNI-General Felix Sanz Roldan stated in the order of expulsion that Ziani is “a very important collaborator of a foreign intelligence service since 2000, ” in a clear reference to the General Directorate for Research and Documentation (DGED) of Morocco.Ziani, born in Oujda, has been living for the last 14 years in Barcelona, where he presides the Union of Islamic Cultural Centers in Catalonia (UCCIC), a Muslim partnership who teaches Arabic and distributes aid to families, especially in Ramadan (month of Islamic fasting).

Muslim countries financing mosques in Spain

The Spain’s National Intelligence Centre (CNI) leaked to El País newspaper a “secret report” about the external founding received by some Muslims communities in Spain.  According to the report, the Spanish government is struggling to stop the flow of tens of millions of dollars to Islamic groups in Spain from different Islamic countries as Kuwait, Libya, Morocco, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates. The CNI relates these donations to the presence of some groups in Spain linked with different Islamic movements as Salafism or Muslim Brotherhood.


One member of Tabligh obtain the citizenship in spite of the opposition from CNI

The Spanish High Court has granted citizenship by residence to a Muslim who belongs to the Tabligh movement. In 2006 the Spanish Government had refused his petition of citizenship as a result of a negative report from the CNI (Spanish Center of Intelligence).

This governmental agency defines the Tabligh Islamic movement as intransigent with the freedom and against to the equality. The CNI considered his relations between this individual and the Tabligh organization as proof of his lack of integration in to the Spanish society.

Islamic invasion “through the womb”

This is an opinion article that links the Al Adl Wal Ihsane (Justice and Charity) organization with the presence of Islamic radicalism in Murcia. The imam that was recently accused of sexually abusing up to five underage girls in El Algar, is in reality a spy with the Spanish intelligence service (CNI). Allegedly, this man was working as a spy for the CNI who were investigating the presence of radical groups in the Muslim community. The author accuses Al Adl Wal Ihsane of promoting amongst their members the Islamic invasion of Spain “through the womb”. This supposed strategy of invasion consists in marrying and having children with Spanish women. Al Adl Wal Ihsane (Justice and Charity or Justice et Bienfaisance, in french) is a Moroccan Islamist association, founded by Cheikh Abdesslam Yassine, critical of the Moroccan monarchy and government. The author describes the supposed relationship between Al Adl Wal Ihsane members and Islamic terrorism.

The Spanish National Centre of Intelligence is using local police to obtain information on Islamists and Chinese organized crime groups

Since the 11-M, the CNI (Spanish National Centre of Intelligence) has been using local police forces to obtain information on organized Islamist and Chinese crime groups. Such action is taking course without regulation as well as without the full knowledge of the local authorities; in the case of the Islamists, the goal seems to be concerned with monitoring those operating near the Mosques, and also the movement of new neighbours around these communities. One of the outcomes of this collaboration was the arrest of an Iraqi Islamist who had escaped from his country and was living in Spain.

Spain mistook Musharraf party members for terrorists

The Spanish secret service CNI mistook relatives of a top Pakistani politician for terrorists, prompting British police to detain them in London. CNI informed Scotland Yard that six members of a dangerous radical cell were flying from Barcelona to London to commit attacks. The warning followed the detention of several Pakistanis and Indians in Barcelona. The detainees relayed to Scotland Yard however, turned out to be relatives of Chaudry Sujaat Hussein – president of the Pakistan Muslim League, which support President Pervez Musharraf. They were flying to London to meet Musharraf, who was there at the time. When British police discovered their mistake, they put the detainees on a plane to Pakistan, and the British government apologized to the Pakistani authorities. The six have lodged a complaint at the British embassy in Pakistan and may take legal action against the CNI and Scotland Yard, according to Spanish reports.

Le député UMP-CNI Rivière d’accord avec Villiers sur l’interdiction du voile

Le d_put_ UMP-CNI J_r_me Rivi_re, priv_ d’investiture par l’UMP pour les prochaines l_gislatives, s’est f_licit_ lundi de la proposition de Philippe de Villiers d’interdire le voile islamique dans les lieux publics. Les Fran_ais ont des “craintes” sur “la place de l’islam _ l’_cole, dans les administrations, mais aussi dans sa conqu_te de la rue et de la vie de tous les jours”, et “la plupart des dirigeants politiques n’y font r_f_rence qu’_ la marge, sans aucune mise en perspective” a-t-il d_plor_ dans un communiqu_. J_r_me Rivi_re, d_put_ de la 1_re circonscription des Alpes-Maritimes, est en conflit avec l’UMP qui a d_cid_ de ne pas lui renouveler son investituture pour les prochaines _lections l_gislatives. L’UMP lui reproche notamment d’avoir affich_ _ plusieurs reprises sa proximit_ avec Philippe de Villiers, pr_sident du Mouvement pour la France.